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Do you ever try on a pair of shoes and immediately you feel like you walking on clouds? And every step you take feels like you almost floating? Well that’s exactly what these babies from adidas made me feel like. Floating… clouds… heaven for my feet.

adidas have just launched their new line of trainers  – the Tubular X series – “a vision of the future created from abstractive, collective memories of adidas archives”.

Moulded soles, neutral colour-ways and a back to the future kinda feeling. A pair of trainers that can match pretty much anything in your wardrobe and let’s not forget that it comes in a knitted version too… I mean what’s not to love.


adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_807 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_826 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_758 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_952 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_770 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_829 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_905 copy copy

Trainers: adidas Tubular Runner W
Shirt: OAK
Shorts: H&M
Hat: adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Eating in Prague

If there’s one thing that blew me away more then the beauty of Prague and it’s majestic architecture was it’s food.

Anyone who know’s me, or follows me on Instagram, will know how obsessed I am with food. So stumbling, and yes, literally stumbling upon such exquisite food on my trip which I thought was going to be a feast for my eyes and not my tastebuds was one of the best surprises I could of asked for.

I’m compiled a list of all the spots I ate at during my three day stay. A huge thanks to Taste of Prague blog for all these amazing recommendations. I would never of had the foodie experience of my life if it wasn’t for their blog.


Our first foodie stop when we arrived in Prague was Cafe Savoy a quick 20min stroll from our hotel in Lesser Town.

I opted for the french toast and Savoy hot chocolate which was highly recommended by our waiter. I didn’t really enjoy the hot chocolate but that’s purely because I’m not a fan of dark chocolate. Justin on the other hand couldn’t stop raving about it. As for the french toast, wow, just wow!

prague-comfort-food 1414365449294 1411681093662

Cafe Savoy’s interior is something out of a dream. High ceilings, lots of light, waiters and waitresses bustling about in the penguin tux’s. Marbled tables with gold rims, everything just screams elegance. On the way to the bathroom, which happens to be in what looks like a old wine cellar, you can see the pastry chefs preparing pastries and cakes for the afternoon’s tea.

p.s want to try a traditional Czech pastry? Try the vetrnik at Cafe Savoy.

Untitled-1 title-10-1 Untitled-2

Next stop on the foodie train was Cestr. I’m not even sure where to begin when describing my experience at Cestr. A large, open room filled with wooden tables, copper pots and pans and a large glass window which looks on to the butcher and his meats and a fillet will only set you back 13 euros!

We opted for the roasted entrecôte… let’s just say I had the best steak of my life. The steak literally melted in my mouth but what was so truly unique about this steak was the fact that it was roasted and not grilled creating an explosion of flavours and meat so soft it falls off the bone.

wrapup-10 copy

To end off the night I took Justin to Vinograf. I love a good glass of wine and to be honest I don’t really know to much about European wines. I love my South African wines so much that I never spend time exploring what else is out there.

Well Vinograf changed that. Upon arrival we were presented with a menu on a tablet. Why? Well when you have over 800 wines that are forever changing that’s why. 800, I didn’t even know where to begin!

Luckily our sommelier that evening treated us to a wine tasting of European wines. I loved the Pinot Noir from Czech, Sevcik, and the Blaufränkisch from Austria, Weber.

1431511567291 1426505183725

Day one was a complete mind blow. From expecting average, brown, un-instagram-able foods I received the complete opposite. My tastebuds and I were quickly falling in love with Prague, head over heels kind of in love.

1412840324804 1429508572968 1429508820237 1429508705715

On day two I was so excited to take Justin to this spot I had read about called Sansho which served Pan-Asian cuisine. We arrived there and they were closed for renovations and were only opening again the day after we left.

Feeling despondent I started researching other options and decided we needed to try some authentic Czech food, so off to Lokal we headed for some homemade goulash with bread dumplings and some thirst quenching Pilsner Urquell.

There was something comforting about sitting in a large beer hall drinking beer with a bunch of strangers and eating cheap, homemade food while drinking beer after beer.

If you looking for the local experience, this is the spot.


Looking for a sweet treat while roaming Old Town? Head over to Angelo for the tastiest ice cream in Prague.

prague-final-61 copy mg-7188a

By this point I was feeling overwhelming full from two days of constant eating and was contemplating having an early night in at the hotel and skipping dinner all together. I’m glad Justin squashed that idea.

The night lend us to La Finestra, a Michelin recommended restaurant with exposed brick walls and an open kitchen turning out Italian dishes. Waiters come to the tables bearing boards of fresh fish and cuts of meat to choose from. Service is impeccable with food to match.

As far as recommendations go as what to eat? Pretty much anything.

1428906773132 1428906847878 IMG_1600+(kopie) 1428906822671

We walked up and down the street trying to find Hemingway Bar and kept walking past it’s tiny doorway. The place was buzzing and packed with local and foreign folk, the host showed us upstairs and seated us at the bar. (Seating at the bar is always my favourite, I love watching the barmen craft cocktails.)

Even though the list of rules in the front of the cocktail menu may be off putting to some I find it rather refreshing: No laptops, no shouting, speak politely and no vulgar language to name a few, this creates a rather undisturbed atmosphere while consuming some of the best cocktails you’ll ever have.

Tip: The Lavender Martini is a must. Or for something more local try the Absinthe.

1426505916482 1400658116342 Nasemaso-1 prague-comfort-food-2 Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.23.15 PM

If I had to choose my favourite foodie spot in Prague it would have to be Nase Maso. The cutest little butcher’s shop in Old Town with a selected menu of small meat dishes. The burger, oh the love I felt for Nase Maso’s burgers.

“Serving up a juicy beef patty made right there in the butcher shop with a very coarse grind and no additional ingredients except the meat, salt and pepper, is served in a toasted Czech houska bun and the condiments are mustard, raw onion and pickles.”

Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, just simplicity at it’s best.


I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: Prague stole me heart and is the most unique and surprising place I have ever visited. A dream destination for any foodie.

Prague delivered the best steak, the best burger, the best wine, the best cocktail and the best french toast I’ve ever had and I feel like that means something coming from a South Africa. (It’s a fact that Cape Town has some of the finest produce and wines 😉 )

Once again, I highly recommend adding Prague to your bucket list.


P.S for a list of what to see and do in Prague read my previous blog post here.

* All images courtesy of Taste of Prague blog.

The Secret Garden

MLIP_Prague Gardens_052 copy copy

Wallenstein Garden or otherwise know as Valdštejnská zahrada, is my absolute favourite thing about Prague. A secret garden in the middle of Lesser Town, right below the Prague Castle.

We first stumbled upon the exquisite garden on our first day exploring the streets of Prague while on the way to dinner in Old Town and I knew straight away that I simply just had to shoot a look post there.

So on our last day in Prague we made our way to Wallenstein Garden to shoot my look post. As we got there it started pouring with rain, and I mean pouring… buckets! So much for getting up early to curl my hair.

I was determined to shoot this post and no amount of rain was going to stop me. So I hid under archways while Justin stood in the rain, camera in one hand, an umbrella in the other to protect his camera. He really is my super photographer.


MLIP_Prague Gardens_038 copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_103 copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_059 copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_182 copy copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_086 copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_065 copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_121 copy MLIP_Prague Gardens_060 copy

Dress: H&M
Sneakers: H&M
Necklace: Country Road
Ring: & Other Stories

Photos by Justin Polkey

Exploring Prague


Growing up there was always three places I wanted to visit: Paris, Peru and Prague, the three P’s. A few week’s ago I got to tick Prague off my dream destination list, and boy was it a dream.

From the moment we drove into the city I fell in love. Prague is unlike any city I have ever laid eyes upon, it’s beautiful, bohemian and slightly gothic.

thumb_IMG_8755_1024thumb_IMG_8726_1024 thumb_IMG_8745_1024 thumb_IMG_8718_1024

Oh and the floors! Everything is either beautifully tiled or cobbled, making “from where I stand’s” impossible to choose from.

A city filled with dramatic statues with agonising faces wanting to share their story with you.

Untitled-3 thumb_IMG_8744_1024 thumb_IMG_8741_1024 thumb_IMG_8753_1024 thumb_IMG_8735_1024

My favourite thing about Prague is that you simply never know what’s around the next corner. On our first day exploring Lesser Town we stumbled upon this small side street with a giant wall next to us that went on for ages. No windows only one little door at the far end.

The door led to the most magnificent gardens with huge dripstone walls with peacocks walking around the mazes. What was so special about this garden was that there was nobody there, as though we had stumbled upon a secret garden in the middle of a bustling city filled with tourists.

There’s a certain magic that fills Prague’s air.

thumb_IMG_8723_1024 thumb_IMG_8722_1024 Untitled-1

So what does one do when one’s in Prague? Well to be completely honest with you I suggest walk…walk a lot..just don’t stop walking. Not once did we catch a tram or a cab while we were staying in Prague, even if dinner was an hour away we walked.

The best part: it’s free!

thumb_IMG_8737_1024 thumb_IMG_8729_1024 thumb_IMG_8740_1024 thumb_IMG_8754_1024

But if you want a list of things to see and do here’s a few of my fav’s:

1.) Eat as much as you can. The food in Prague is some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and that’s something coming from a Capetonian.

2.) Visit the Prague Castle which is roughly the size of 7 football fields and has exquisite views of Old Town. Don’t miss St. Vitus Cathedral with it’s beautiful Art Nouveau stained-glass windows.

3.) Get up early and watch the sunrise from Charles Bridge before all the tourists get there.

4.) Go up the Powder Tower for a spectacular view of Prague.

5.) Take a stroll through Lesser Town to visit the John Lennon memorial wall and leave behind you own touch of graffiti. On the way stop to admire David Cerny’s Babie’s sculpture.

6.) My number one favourite spot in Prague, the Valdštejnská zahrada with it’s 17th-century gardens and with ornamental pools. One of Prague’s hidden gems.

7.) Take in the beautiful Spanish Synagogue in the Jewish part of  Old Town.

8.) The Czech National Library in Old Town is definitely worth a visit. Probably the most beautiful library in the world.

9.) Visit the world’s third oldest clock, the medieval astronomical clock at the City Hall in Old Town which was built in 1410. The clocks main function back in the day was to depict the movement of celestial bodies, including the Sun and the Moon, showing the time was merely a secondary element.

10.) Punch the Dancing House.

thumb_IMG_8739_1024 thumb_IMG_8731_1024 thumb_IMG_8751_1024 thumb_IMG_8720_1024

The accommodation debate: Old vs New vs Lesser. As most of you know Prague is made up of numerous districts with Old Town, New Town and Lesser Town being the three most popular places to stay while visiting Prague.

About 75% of our site seeing and food spots were all situated in Old Town, however we choose to stay in Lesser Town. Old Town is extremely populated so for some peace and quiet we stayed at The Golden Key in Lesser Town right below the Prague Castle. (Which I can highly recommend.)

Untitled-4 thumb_IMG_8750_1024thumb_IMG_8730_1024thumb_IMG_8725_1024 copy

One thing that really surprised me about Prague was how cheap it was, especially for a European city. All in all – flights, food and drinks, accommodation, hotel transfers, touristy things, spending money – came to R6500 per person for three days.

We stayed in a four star hotel and ate like kings, including a 3 course meal at a Michelin recommended restaurant.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I highly recommend adding Prague to your bucket list if you haven’t done so already.


Untitled-4thumb_IMG_8732_1024thumb_IMG_8721_1024 thumb_IMG_8719_1024

So you probably wondering why I haven’t spoken about the food, that’s because the food was so unbelievable and such a mind blowing experience that it deserves it’s own blog post. Which will be coming soon… so stay tuned.


thumb_IMG_8748_1024 copy

Side Streets in Prague

MPM0842_2_Prague strip_555 copy

Good morning my dearest readers, hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Justin and I took a spontaneous getaway in the Elgin country side this weekend for a breath of fresh air, but it’s Monday again which means emails, phone calls and lots of organising. Also I’m heading up to Jozi today for an exciting shoot, make sure to follow along on snapchat to see what it’s all about – emmamenteath.

So I’m traveling back in time a little with today’s look post which we shot in Prague in August. I’ve decided this whole week on My Life in Pink is going to be dedicated to Prague and all it’s delicious treats and beautiful corners.

There really is something so truly remarkable about Prague but I’ll go into that in more detail in tomorrow’s blog post, for now here’s the first of my look post’s we shot in Prague while exploring the hidden sidewalks in 40 degree heat.


Untitled-2 Untitled-3

Untitled-1 MPM0842_2_Prague strip_474 copy MPM0842_2_Prague strip_503 copy MPM0842_2_Prague strip_497 copy

Tee: Witchery
Shorts: Jane Sews
Sneakers: H&M
Necklace: Country Road
Tote: Unknown

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Berlin Wall

MLIP_Berlin wall_241 copy

I’ve always wanted to visit The Berlin Wall ever since I first watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall film as a little girl. Rodger Waters, along with David Lynch, has to be my favourite creative of all time.

The East Side Gallery, where we shot this look post, is a 1,3km international memorial for freedom that was established in 1990. The East Side Gallery is still the only authentic monument of reunification in the last 20 years.

Apart from Pink Floyd’s The Wall design (who I can’t seem to find out who actually painted it) I love Christine Kühn’s Touch the Wall with all the blue handprints.

Have any of you visited the Berlin Wall and if so which design was your favourite?


MLIP_Berlin wall_175 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_339 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_153 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_040 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_034 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_001 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_362 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_263 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_193 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_208 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_105 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_162 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_268 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_003 copy

Underwear: Calvin Klein
Dungarees: G-Star Raw
Sneakers: adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey

Clean Slate with Marie Claire


I was chosen along with other local models, Alexa Corlett and Tana Boshoff, for Marie Claire’s September issue where they featured eleven new face’s of the season.

The editorial focuses on “embracing the modern movement of natural, effortless beauty” to the point that we weren’t even wearing base, all beautifully styled head-to-toe in white.

Below I’ve compiled a “get the look” with stoppable links. Lust over the Chanel and shop from Clinique 😉


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.21.55 AM


Hat: Dolce & Gabbana, from mytheresa.com
Shirt: Burberry, from StyleBop.com
Make Up: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Color, from Chanel.
                Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick no.21, from Chanel
                Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop, from Clinique.
                Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm in Baby Tint, from Clinique.
Chanel La Base nail polish, form Chanel.


Photographer: Ulrich Knoblauch
Styling: Sharon Becker and Lee Hagen
Make Up: Nandi Kai
Hair: Alet Viljoen
Models: Me, Outlaws

Summer in the City


If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about this year’s traveling, it’s practicality. Maybe because it’s my fifth year abroad or maybe it’s because I’m getting older, either way I think I finally understand the term practicality.

No more running around the city in tiny denim shorts and uncomfortable ankle boots. I’ve embraced cutout midi dresses and the oh-s0-comfortable sneaker trend. Gel the hair back, bucket bag to carry all my essentials and a trendy pair of sunnies. I’m good to go.

Why I waited so long to embrace this thing called “practicality” I have no idea!

Happy Monday everyone :)

Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_027 copy Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_058 copy Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_090 copy Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_148 copy Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_023 copy Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_144 copy Cutout Dress_Cutout Dress_054 copy

Dress: Forever 21
Sneakers: H&M
Bag: Thalia Strates
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut

Photos by Justin Polkey


MLIP_U-ban_152 copy

Decent denim is an undeniable must for any wardrobe, no matter you style. Boyfriend or skinny, washed out or black, there’s a style and colour out there for everyone. Denim is a neutral trend that you can mix and match with literally everything.

I love black and my wardrobe is never complete without two pairs of black skinnies. One simple and classic and the other ripped and edgy. The same goes for my denim shirts, I always travel with one black and one blue denim shirt. They make the perfect addition of that “something extra” to complete your outfit before you about to walk out the door.


MLIP_U-ban_219 copy MLIP_U-ban_224 copy MLIP_U-ban_131 copy MLIP_U-ban_163 copy MLIP_U-ban_105 copy MLIP_U-ban_142 copy MLIP_U-ban_198 copy

Top: G-Star
Cami: Witchery
Pants: J Brand
Shoes: Zara
Chocker: H&M

Photos by Justin Polkey

The Nineties Called

Sandro_knit_DPS copy

Because when one’s in Berlin one can not help but take advantage of the parquet flooring and big white walls. It’s kinda unfair that every apartment in Berlin has beautiful flooring, double volume ceilings and giant french doors. Oh and rent’s super cheap. I mean really…

In other news, the nineties called and they want their mom jeans and oversized sweater back… but I’m not ganna give them back just yet.


MLIP_berlin floor_036 copy-1 MLIP_berlin floor_054 copy

Knit: Sandro
Turtle neck: Sandro
Denims: Levi’s 501 CT’s
Sneakers: H&M

Photos by Justin Polkey