Take Care

For those of you as obsessed with the Birkenstock trend as I am and live in South Africa you’ll be happy to know that Mr Price have released their very own style of Birkenstocks called “sliders” in a range of colours and designs.

More good news… they cheap! A MrP slider will set you back around R70 whereas a pair of Birkenstocks will set you back, plus minus, R1000. Below I’m wearing their ‘Arizona’ inspired pair and I love them!

I’ve been wearing mine, walking the streets flat in New York and my feet are yet to feel pain. I suggest heading over to Mr Price sooner then later and buying yourself a pair in every colour and style… I did.


MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7059 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7238 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_6938 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7192 MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7273 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7064 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_6985 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7165 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7109 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7034 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7198 copy MLIP_Shot 34 Take Care _IMG_7161 copy

Dress: Take Care
Knit: Cotton On
Shoes: Mr.Price
Watch: Swatch

Photos by Justin Polkey

TRENDING: Birkenstocks

We’ve been transported back to the 90′s with the “sandal of the season”… the Birkenstock. Kate Moss first showed us how to rock it and now almost every designer and department store are having a run at interpreting it, from Zara to Céline. 

Love them or hate them these babies are your must have Summer sandal. There’s something chic about their simple design. I currently own three and I’m already eyeing out my forth.

Dressy or casual, sporty or relaxed the Birkenstock works for any outfit. All you gotta do is find you style, your colour and your fit. Personally I’m a huge fan of the white Arizona’s, but that’s just me.

Have you been consumed by this Summer trend?


Birkenstocks trends.001

Birkenstocks trends.002

1.) Senso, $239

2.) Birkenstock, $89.99

3.) Senso, $229.00

4.) Birkenstock, $89.90

5.) Zara, $16.00

Brooklyn Bridge

Last week Justin and I woke up at 4am to be on Brooklyn Bridge as the sun rose to shoot this post. There was something so magical about being up in New York City so early in the morning before all the hooters and shouting started.

Usually Brooklyn Bridge is over crowed with people transiting from Manhattan to Brooklyn or tourists with their cameras but that morning we had the beautiful majestic architecture all to ourselves.

The day was overcast but still warm, a perfect day to wear my melange midi dress from Woolworths. A simple outfit for the days wanderlust adventures.

It’s all about the little details when you wearing something as simple as below. A hat and a little bit of jewellery can go a long way with adding a little interest to a simple item of clothing.

I’m also obsessed with ankle boots. I believe every girl should own a brown and a black pair of ankle boots. Don’t you agree?


IMG_0095 copy IMG_0426 copy IMG_0366 copy IMG_0789 copy IMG_0824 copy IMG_0262 copy IMG_0374 copy IMG_0699 copy IMG_0654 copy IMG_0735 copy

Dress: Woolworths
Hat: Topshop
Boots: Country Road
Necklaces: Woolworths
Bag: Adriaan Kuiters 

Photos by Justin Polkey

#VogueEyewearSA Giveaway

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.54.12 PM

Vogue Eyewear have just released a new collection called the CFDA collection inspired by Eva Mendes.

“Fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA) has partnered with Vogue Eyewear to create these Special Edition designer frames.”

The collection is elegant and feminine with touches of floral or pastel hues.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.53.18 PM

Vogue have been absolute sweethearts and have decided to give one of my lucky readers a pair of this spectacular sunnies. All you have to do is follow the steps below.


IMG_9868 copy IMG_9892 1 copy


1.) Like My Life in Pink on Facebook here.
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2.) Share this photo on Facebook > http://goo.gl/KmWIrc
3.) Leave a comment on the My Life in Pink photo why you a Vogue fan.
4.) For an additional entry leave a comment on this post on how you would style your Vogue Eyewear CFDA sunglasses.

** Use the hashtag #VogueEyewearSA.

Winner will be chosen be announced on the 11th Aug 2014.

Good Luck 

New York, New York

So today’s my first look post shot in New York city. It’s so amazing to be in a new country exploring new locations for shoots, especially one like New York where every block reminds me of a movie set.

I must say shopping in New York is kind of over whelming, the stores are huge and there’s so many of them! Though I did find this fantastic two piece from H&M  which I absolutely adore. It’s classy, elegant and womanly just perfect for my sunnies from Vogue Eyewear.

Vogue eyewear have just released a new line called the CFDA Collection inspired by Eva Mendes and they come in a range of colours. The design is classic and reminds me of the sunglasses Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Tomorrow I’ve got a little surprise give away for you, something to do with this post. So don’t forget to check the blog tomorrow ;)


IMG_0153 copy IMG_9868 copy IMG_0202 copy IMG_9892 1 copy IMG_9841 copy IMG_9835 1 copy IMG_0370 copy IMG_0284 copy IMG_9977 copy IMG_9865 1 copy IMG_0254 copy

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Heels: Forever21
Handbag: Forever21
Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear

Photos by Justin Polkey

July Favs

July favs white centre.001

My new Celine sunglasses I spoilt myself with last week // I’m currently taste testing as many cupcakes as possible in NY for a blog post // An ice coffee a day // Nike Airforce, this month’s must have // I’ve officially fallen in love with New York // Bag crushing on the Givenchy Antigona in black leather // Loving my black Witchery hat // Porter, my new fav magazine to read // Can we please take a moment to admire the new adidas Originals range for Korea // Just finished season four of Sex in the City, don’t we all wish we were Carrie Bradshaw // Matching two piece sets // Leopard print, my current go-to print

xxx EJ


Pearls, this timeless jewellery classic makes a major fashion comeback thanks to the master, Karl Lagerfeld, during the Chanel Pre-Spring/Summer 2014 Cruise Collection. 

Not only are pearls timeless but they feminine and refined. They add charm to an outfit without even trying.

“Did you know that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love to Marc Antony and ever since, the precious gem has adorned famously chic women throughout time.”

Diamonds aint a girls best friend no more ;)

xxx EJ
Happy Monday

MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8298 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8085 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8560 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8459 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8058 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8507 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8161 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8448 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8520 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8012 copy

Top: Woolworths
Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Trenery 
Handbag: Colette Hayman
Shoes: Aldo
Neckpiece: Topshop
Bracelet: Topshop
Earrings: Woolworths

Photos by Justin Polkey

Moody Blooms

Greetings from New York City! I can’t even begin to explain what an amazing place this city is. Within two hours of arriving I had fallen in love.

Hence the reason for being so quiet on the blog the past couple of days. I’ve been walking the streets like crazy taking every little inch in. I’ve been tracking my walking and it’s sitting on 25-30km a day!

Got so much travel stories and tips to share with you all, can’t wait. But for now here’s a look post we shot before we left South Africa.

Cape Town looks like it’s been freezing and one of the best things to wear when it’s cold is a chunky knit. I suggest Country Road, they have a rather large knitwear collection that I am absolutely gaga for. I can’t walk into CR without buying a new knit.

Instead of wearing a beanie this Winter try teaming your outfit with a veldt hat like below.

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7622 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7570 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7838 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7895 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7786 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7983 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7878 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7747 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7694 copy

Jumper: Country Road
Leggings: Mango
Hat: Woolworths
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Boots: Aldo
Flowers: Woolworths

Photos by Justin Polkey

Top Coat

It’s pretty clear after the past couple of fashion weeks that pink outwear is a clear winner this season. So it’s no wonder when Woolworths released their pink Winter coat I simply had to have it.

From the runway to fashionista’s, this season’s ‘must-have’ is a a pink something. Be it a bomber jacket, a cozy oversized knit or a fitted coat, one can not go wrong.

And with the Winter weather setting in there’s no better colour to help brighten up your day.

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7284 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7381 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7535 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7484 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7316 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7447 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7372 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7468 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7489 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7544 copy

Coat: Woolworths
Jeans: Zara
Knit: H&M
Scarf: Country Road
Heels: Aldo
Watch: Swatch

Photos by Justin Polkey

My Carry On Essentials

With only two days left till I depart South Africa packing has officially commenced. It’s important to fill your carry on with the right essentials and to be properly prepared in order to avoid any airport nightmares.

Below I have compiled a list of my must-have carry on travel essentials when flying long distance.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 7.54.32 PM

1.) Carry on bag:
Investing in decent hand luggage is a must if you’re a regular flyer. People will be judging you on your hand luggage, make sure it represents you, just like you would with a handbag you choose to invest in.
Louis Vuitton Pegase 55 in black R49600.00

2.) Memory foam neck support:
They so gross and I always said I would never use one, but I am officially converted. Flying with a neck support allows me to catch a few of those much needed zzzz’s. Currently I am loving the memory foam ones, they soft yet firm providing the best possible comfort for a long haul flight. Find one with a removable cover, this way you’ll be able to wash it after a flight.
Pink memory foam comfort neck support from Amazon R92

3.) Headphones:
Most long haul flights will provide you with a set of headphones but personally I prefer to use my own set.
Taylor Gold FRENDS headset R2125

4.) Eye mask:
Eye masks are a complete must for long haul flights!
Mary Green sleeping eye mask R288

5.) Comfy socks:
Most peoples feet swell up during long haul flights, my suggestion to this problem? Shoes off… comfy loose socks on. The loosely and chunkier the socks the better.
Country Road zig zag socks R69

6.) Travel size toiletries:
For those of you lucky enough to break up your long haul flight with a stop over at an airport hotel, for some shut eye and a shower, having travel size toiletries are fantastic.
Aesop Jet Set kit R395

7.) Comfortable shoes:
Forget heels when flying, your best friend will be a pair of comfortable trainers or sneakers when you lugging around your luggage from A to B.
Nike Air Force 1 07 R960

8.) A large tote
What’s a sneaky way to have more hand luggage then 7kg? A large tote! No one ever weighs your handbag. It’s great for carrying all your odds and ends whilst traveling.
Michael Kors medium Jet Set travel tote R3180

9.) Reading material:
Magazines soothe me before a flight and take my mind off everything making me anxious. A good book for the plane is also important for me as I often get bored watching films.
All airports will have a large selection of magazines on sale

10.) Hairbrush:
Direct peoples attention to your well kept hair, thanks to having a hairbrush onboard with you, instead of the dark circles under your eyes from not sleeping.
Tangle Teezer R110

11.) Lip balm:
Gotta keep em’ lips moisturised while flying. Damn air con!
Coco Chanel Rouge lip baume R375

12.) Notebook:
Having a notebook on you is great for so many reasons. For writing done traveling tips, inspirational quotes, ideas or simply documenting how you feeling.
Moleskine notebook R96

13.) Samples:
Before I fly I get samples of whatever facial products I happen to be using at the time. They small and light and don’t take up much space. This way I don’t have to take larger bottles on board with me. I love using the dermologica hydrating mask when I fly instead of a facial cream.
Dermalogica samples Free from your local beautician

14.) Perfume:
Flying for a full day may mean no showers, unless you flying first class. So having one of your favourite perfumes as carry on is a must.
Jo Malone Blue Agave and Cocoa 100ml R835

15.) Hand cream:
My skin always drys out with I’m flying so I make sure I always have a hand cream packed. I double up on it by using it as body lotion too.
Dr Hunter’s hand creme R160

16.) Facial oil:
If I’m not using the Dermalogica hydrating mask I’m using a facial oil to keep my skin hydrated during the flight.
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate R490

xxxx EJ
Happy Traveling