Downtown with Calvin Klein

Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0279 copy

This past week has been a complete whirlwind of meetings, TV shows, shooting, a quick two day trip to Jozi and the start of a secret project I’ll be launching soon. Why does everything always have to happen at once?

Owing a decent backpack is always a must, especially for those days when you constantly on the move. Whenever I go overseas for modelling one of the first things that gets packed into my luggage is a trusty, black backpack. One that is big enough to hold my portfolio, a pair of heels, a water bottle, some snacks and all my other handbag bits n bobs. Walking around London/New York from 8am till 8pm with a handbag over one shoulder is not only uncomfortable but also causes damage to your back. The same goes for when you site seeing.

Calvin Klein at the V&A Waterfront have special offer on this weekend where you can get R500 of the purchase of any handbag or backpack for women or men. So if you in a shopping kind of mood you know where to go…


Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0104 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0073 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0177B&W Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0261 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0052 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0111 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0030B&W Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0096 copy

Jumper: Calvin Klein Jeans
Pants: Calvin Kelin
Backpack: Calvin Klein Jeans
Shoes: Nike

Photos by Justin Polkey

Denim Connects

MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_238 copy

I’m so excited to be apart of the new MRP campaign that officially launched yesterday. Been dying to share these images with you.

MRP decided they wanted local creatives and influencers to create and share our own denim story through imagery and video and what connects us to one of the worlds most iconic fabrics.

Justin and I played around with a couple of ideas and eventually decided we wanted to create a short narrative film about the freedom of denim but what we ended up creating was a lot more beautiful.

He had to location recce this beautiful beach up on the West Coast one afternoon and I just happened to be wearing my fav denim overalls from MRP. I started rolling around in the sand and he just started shooting. No fancy hair or make-up, no planned creative concept, we just jumped in and went with the moment.

What we ended up capturing was so raw, real and true and the exact message I wanted to portray: “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self  here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.”

Make sure to check out the full campaign on the MRP site and also let us know what you think of our story.


MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_356 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 03_950 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_009 copyMLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_024 copyMLIP_MrPDenim_shot 02_710 copyMLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_278 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_258 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_548 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 03_994 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_117 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_140 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 03_1108 copy

MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_177 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_269 copyMLIP_MrPDenim_shot 03_993 copyMLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_483 copy MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 03_1086 copy

Dungarees: Mr Price

Photographers by Justin Polkey



Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2523 copy

Whoop it’s Friday, my absolute favourite day of the week. Personally I find Friday better then the weekend. I think it’s because of the prosperity and possibility that Friday brings only with it.

Today’s look is inspired by the weekend. Tailored trousers, comfy tops and warm coats for the changing seasons. This time of the year I always carry a warm jacket or coat around with me for 1.) layering purposes, because we all know layering makes for a better outfit and 2.) you simply never know what the weather will have in store for you.

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday and a fabulous weekend.


Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2554 copy Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2570 copy Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2450 copy Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2465 copy Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2497 copy Scuba CR Top_Scuba CR Top _2569 copy

Top: Country Road
Pants: Mango
Jacket: Witchery
Loafers: Zara
Rings: H&M

Photos by Justin Polkey

Morning Essentials with Dr.Hauschka

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.22.18 AM

A balanced morning routine is of upmost importance to me. Even though I don’t have your typical nine to five job I still like to set my alarm in the morning to ensure I don’t oversleep. Too much sleep equals a grumpy Emma.

I usually spend my first 30min slowly waking up in bed while scrolling through my social media feeds – Instagram first of course. I then make myself a pot of herbal tea and wash my face while I wait for my tea to cool down. This is my favourite part of the morning, the time when I really wake up:

I fill my basin with lukewarm water and add a capful of Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence (296.00). Spending an extra R300 on your facial routine may seem excessive but the calm feeling of serenity that you filled with after washing your face is definitely worth that extra R300. Plus I’ve had the bottle for 3 months and I’m not even half way through it. I then cleanse my skin with the Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk (R422.00) with gentle tapping that creates a suction on my skin to remove dead cells and activates the lymphatic nodes. After rinsing my face I splash some cold water over my face to close the pores and mist my face with Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner (R422.00). Lastly I finish off my routine by gentle massaging in some Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream. (R737.00)

I then sit down and enjoy my morning tea and breakfast catching up on some fashion news. Porter magazine is my absolute favourite!

How do you start your morning?


Skate Park

Skate Park_Skate Park  _2297 copy

One of my comfiest outfits to date, no kidding, the sneaker and sweater dress make a mean winter combo and this crop top from adidas adds a cute playfulness to the outfit.

P.S if you looking for a pair of trainers that make you feel like you walking on sunshine these adidas ZX500’s are the perfect pair. Plus their grey leather overlay is kinda awesome. #JustSaying.


Skate Park_Skate Park  _2145 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2177 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2139 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2336 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2287 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2173 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2054 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2222 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2312 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2087 copy

Dress: Country Road
Crop Top: Adidas Originals
Jacket: Country Road
Sneakers: Adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey

Trend Alert: That Seventies Swing

Seventies Swing.001

The retro seventies makes a modern revival with the return of the flare, fringed details and  oversize clothing items.

The retro revival started back in 2011 with Christopher Kane’s head to toe crochet designs. S/S15 we saw the introduction of full on flares to baby bell bottoms, this revival showed no signs of slowing down this A/W15.

Warm colours, loose cuts and luxurious textures come to mind when thinking of this season’s must have key pieces, from culottes, over-the-knee skirts, fringed accessories, socks with sandals and oversize sunnies.

Will you be embracing this years seventies revival?


Seventies Swing.002

Seventies Swing.003

Seventies Swing.004

1.) Loose cut denim Dress, R750, Zara
2.) Royal T fringe handbag, R449, Superbalist
3.) Miu Miu sunglasses, R2990, Sunglass Hut
4.) Suede culottes, R2600, Topshop
5.) Audrey hat, R600, Simon & Mary
6.)  Chubby fur jacket, R329.99, Mr Price
7.) Stud leather belt, R300, Mango
8.) LILITH suede chunky heels, R990, Topshop
9.) Chloe open back linen dress embellished with peacock guipure. Price on request

Sexy Sports with EDITED


In the beginning of the year I got to work with the lovely ladies from EDITED Germany on two fashion editorials. It makes such a huge difference when you working with a team that knows how to have a laugh or two.

This sports story, “Sexy Sports”, was the second editorial I shot with them. You can shop entire story right here.


3546201545769328548032 3546201545769312800061 3546201545769319904187 3546201545769316828015 3546201545769311471448 3546201545769314861584

Photographer: Alex Trommlitz
Production: Franziska Nellessen
Stylist: Jana Krentzlin
Hair & Make-up: Manuela Kopp
Model: Emma Jane Menteath, Outlaws Models.

My Summer with Jane: Part 01

MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_724 copy-2

For those of you that haven’t heard of local designer Jane Sews yet let me introduce you. Jane Sews is an artisanal clothing line that started 4 years ago, back in 2011. A brand that creates timeless pieces suitable for all seasons.

When Amy from Jane Sews mailed me to ask about working with My Life in Pink I was beyond stoked as I had been following the brand for two years and absolutely loved her designs.

Honestly I have never received such a beautiful cared for package in my life. It’s true what they say “it’s all in the details” and Jane Sews know it.

Today is the first part of a two part shoot with Jane Sews featuring their beautiful Bobbi Dress. A classic silk like dress with slits up the sides that add the perfect amount of sexiness.


MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_666 copy MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_966 copy MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_703 copy MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_771 copy MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_876 copy MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_dps MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_942 copy MLIP March_Jane Sews 01_682 copy unnamed

Dress: Jane Sews
Shoes: Jane Sews
Rings: Witchery

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Interior Lust List 0.01

White:Pink:Grey interior MLIP.002 White:Pink:Grey interior MLIP.004 White:Pink:Grey interior MLIP.003

I’m having such interior and home withdrawals. We’ve been house hunting for the past 18 months and about a month ago we finally found our dream home which ticked all the boxes: 100 plus square metres, parquet floors, lots of light, big living area, office space, double basins, walk in wardrobe, lock up garage, pet friendly, sunny, quiet street, and within our budget… basically perfection!

We put an offer on the place thinking this dream home would soon be ours, but alas the counter offer was less then ours but it was a cash offer. Goodbye dream home. I was devastated, heart broken and angry. It’s been 6 weeks since we lost the place and I still can’t bring myself to delete the pics of the house from my phone. How does one house rebound?

I now find myself coveting interior items for what would of been my new home. I spend most of my free time either on Property24 or online interior stores. So lame.

I decided to vent some of my emotions by compelling an interior lust list of some of the items I’ve fallen in love with while browsing.


White:Pink:Grey interior MLIP.001

1.) Trio of nest tables, Radius from Superbalist, R1399.
2.) Marbled clock, Country Road, R699.
3.) Cable knit throw, Weylandts, R795
4.) Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree, Stodels Nursery, R189.
5.) Rose gold fruit basket, @home, R89.
6.) Rose gold salad set, West Elm, $30.
7.)  Diptyque candle, Diptyque, $60.
8.) Trio of scatter cushions, Country Road, R349-R549.
9.) Rose gold desk lamp, Weylandts, R595.
10.) Sheep skin, IKEA, $29,99.
11.) Mini pink vase, Country Road, R149.
12.) Adam Rocket armchair, @Home, R999.
13.) Rose gold cutlery set, Nicolson Russell from Superbalist, R1999.