February’s Reading


So my reading list for the month of February is rather dismal I’ll admit but in my defence I have been on back to back shoots for the past couple of weeks and I’ve signed up for my final year of my BBA studies so the assignments have started rolling in too.

I started off this past month reading Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and got about half way before I had to put it down. The book is incredibly draining and difficult to read. Has anyone else read it, if so what are your thoughts?

What I read this month:



After reading 150 pages of On the Road I felt like I needed an easy read and that’s exactly what The Story of a Beautiful Girl was. I wasn’t mad about this novel it was an okayish read. However I did find it rather interesting from the point of view of how disabled people were treated back in the sixties. If you looking for an easy read about a family of 3 that spend 40 years of their life trying to find one another this one’s for you. If you looking for a classic read I suggest something along the lines of The Catcher in the Rye.



Yes I’m a 23 year old women who’s obsessed with John Green, I’ve read all 6 of his novels. There’s something interesting in the way he writes about morbid topics such as death or terminal illness yet keeps a light, dry sense of humour throughout the novel. If you ever find me reading a novel in public laughing out loud you’ll know I’m reading a John Green novel. Paper Towns is about a girl who goes missing and a boy who’s been in love with her for years and his quest to find her from the string of clues she leaves behind. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s a poignant and hilarious read. The film is going to be released on the 5th June 2015 and stars Cara Delevingne as the main character, Margo Roth Spiegelman.

xxx EJ

Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen + Conrad Botes

IMG_4335 copy_play

Today’s post really reminds me why I am so proudly South African. Last week Wednesday I went to visit the Southern Guild Gallery and was blown away by the artwork and design being showcased. Each piece stood out uniquely and evoked a rather emotional response. “The Southern Guild was established as a forum for South African designers to challenge and support each other, unified by national origin.”

One of the designers that really stood out for me was Conrad Botes and his Sad Man’s Tongue collection. Botes’ biting satire of South African politics, religion and society is often channeled into his painting, printmaking, sculptures and comics. His Sad Man’s Tongue collection was an idea he developed to translate some of his cartoon-like images to cardboard cutouts. With some guidance from Bronze Age’s Otto Du Pleases and his team, he began casting these cutouts as once-off bronze sculptures.

After seeing Botes’ pieces last Wednesday I simply had to go back and shoot a look post there. Why? Firstly I feel like more people need to know about Guild and secondly I wanted to celebrate South African design. My outfit I put together was a curation of South Africa designers: Adriaan Kuiters, Jody Paulsen and Katherine Pichulik.

Jody Paulsen’s shirt dress is one of those unique pieces that only comes around every now and then. With it’s bold prints and large sleeve’s this item demands attention. An item that can be worn alone or teamed with a maxi skirt or a pair of trousers. Either way eyes are bound to turn your way when wearing this Jody Paulsen piece.

Unfortunately Guild is now over, but I suggest adding it to your calendar for next year… you won’t be disappointed.


IMG_4440 copy IMG_4331 copy IMG_4494 copy IMG_4367 copy IMG_4335 copy IMG_4573 copy IMG_4689 copy IMG_4614 copy IMG_4519 copyShirt Dress: Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen
Maxi Skirt: Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen
Bangles: Katherine Pichulik
Shoes: BirkenstocksSpecial thanks to the team at Southern Guild Gallery and Bennett Contemporary Gallery for allowing us to use Conrad Bote’s designs as a backdrop.

Photos by Justin Polkey.

My Life in Pink Instagram Outfit Wrap Up: February

Can you believe another month has come and gone already! Gosh I feel like I was writing January’s outfit wrap up just last week. It’s kinda freaky.

I’m currently loving my joggers from Witchery. I bought myself the khaki pair about 8 weeks ago and haven’t stopped wearing them, I ended up buying a second pair in a beautiful salmon color. Another item I’m currently loving is my Mr Price denim dungarees. I wear them at home lounging about and when I pop out to the shops I throw on my Birkenstocks. They great for an evening look too, just add a blazer and a pair of heels and bam, you all set.

Which outfit was your favorite this past month?



Location: Bo Kaap, Cape Town
Top: Woolworths
Pants: Witchery 
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Witchery
Clutch: Colette Hayman 
Watch: Witchery


Location: Cornelskop, Hermanus 
Dress: Valentino
Heels: Carlotte Olympia

FullSizeRender 7

Location: Home Sweet Home
Dress: Cotton On
Demin top: H&M
Sneakers: Converse 
Bag: Woolworths


Location: Tamboerskloof, Cape Town 
Dress: Country Road
Jersey: Country Road
Boots: Country Road
Socks: Woolworths 
Bag: Woolworths 
Hat: Topshop 
Watch: Swatch


Location: Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Media Launch, 15 On Orange Hotel
Dress: Gizia
Heels: Witchery
Clutch: Witchery
Watch: Michael Kors
Belt: Witchery


Location: Sea Point, Cape Town
Top: Mango
Shorts: Mango
Bomber: Witchery First Edition 
Shopper: Colette Hayman
Sunglasses: Witchery
Rings: Colette Hayman
Watch: Swatch


Location: G-Star #tightorwide Lauch, Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town 
Top: Woolworths
Dungarees: Mr Price
Heels: Witchery
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Leather bracelet: Mimco


MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _006 copy

Guys, I’m on the verge of going crazy, why does South Africa’s internet have to be so damn fickle!? Any way back to fashion :)

If you’ve been following My Life in Pink for some time now you’ll have realised how much emphasis I put on owning classic items of clothing. If you looking for a way to stretch your budget classic pieces are the way to go. No one’s going to notice if you wear the same pair of skinny jeans for five days but they will notice if you were the same printed dress for five days… get my drift?

Today’s look is all about those classic pieces: The skinny jean, a simple blouse, leather jacket, black boots, dainty gold jewels and a black shopper.

These items work together so effortlessly and can be mix and matched with other items to create a completely different look. For example team your skinny denims with a simple white tee and a pair of stilettos for a cool casual look. Or team your blouse with a pencil skirt for a sophisticated office look.

Oh and p.s simple lace bras = French perfection. Forget those padded pushups ladies.

What is your favorite classic item you own?


MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _194 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _176 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _052 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _117 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _004 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _076 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _140 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _210 copy MLIP_Hand_Hair'15_Shot 74 Pinstripes _010 copy

Blouse: Witchery
Jeans: J Brand
Jacket: SLY010
Boots: Aldo
Shopper: Colette Hayman
Necklace: Colette Hayman
Watch: Witchery

Photos by Justin Polkey

Oscars Popcorn Bar & Voting Ballot

FullSizeRender 6

It’s the Oscars on Sunday night! I’m too excited :D The Oscars are one of my favourite glitzy events of the year and I always love finding fun ways to celebrate them.

Britney Beeby from Beebs Blog has teamed up with My Life in Pink once again and designed these amazing voting ballots for this year’s Oscars. You can download you own free printable here.

This year I’ve decided to throw a popcorn party with my friends. I’ll be making large batches of popcorn for everyone to snack on while we watch the 87th Academy Awards.

Making a popcorn bar is super easy, all you’ll need is:

  • Freshly popped popcorn.
  • A selection of your favourite sweets and chocolates. My ultimate is Smarties on my popcorn.
  • Some cute boxes to serve your popcorn in.
  • Some yummy drinks to compliment your popcorn.

Lay out your ingredients and let everyone dig in.

IMG_8986 IMG_8982 IMG_8985 IMG_8984 IMG_8979 IMG_8981

So hurry up and print your ballots and get busy voting… while you at it why not place some bets between you and your friends.

IMG_8989 IMG_8980

Ballot designs by Britney Beeby from Beebs Blog and all images by myself.

Healthy Guilt Free Chocolate Banana & Raspberry Bread


Guys, I love banana bread, like really love banana bread but unfortunately it ain’t so healthy. It’s filled with sugar! So I’ve been playing around with a few recipes and adaptions for some time now and I think I’ve finally found my healthy version of banana bread.

A few months ago I posted a recipe for some healthy banana muffins but I think this one beats them.

This banana bread is gluten free and processed sugar free. Pack two slices in your lunch box for work to snack on or toast a slice in the morning for breakfast. Yummy!




  •  1 cup of gluten-free rolled oats
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 banana
  • 3/4 cup of coconut flour
  • 1 egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein whey powder (40g). If you don’t have protein powder you can substitute it with cocoa powder.
  • 1 tbs raw honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tsp bicarb soda
  • 1/4 goji berries (these are optional)


1.) Turn you oven to 180 degrees and grease a bread baking tray with some butter or cook and spray. Make sure you grease it well as this bread tends to stick to the pan.

2.) In a large mixing bowl add the oats, milk, flour and banana. Blend together.


3.) Once blended add the egg, egg whites, vanilla, honey, protein powder, bicarb and mix in well.

4.) Next add the frozen raspberries and goji berries and mix in.

5.) Lastly pour mixture into the greased tray and place in the oven to bake for 40min. Check on it after 30min. Some ovens bake quickly.

6.) When you have 10min left add some banana slices to the top of the bread. They become caramelised and make your bread look even tastier.


7.) Allow the bread to cool down before trying to remove it from the baking tray.

8.) Enjoy!!!

IMG_8767 IMG_8768

Photo’s by myself. 


IMG_5087 copy

Every now and then there is a pair of shoes that come into your life that you truly fall in love with. That was the case with me and these embellished cut out Charles & Keith sandals.

One, they are pure comfort and two, well let’s just face it, they remind me of Isabel Marant’s Elvis summer sandals from last season.

I wear these sandals with practically everything I own ( I think my other shoes may be getting jealous…) but for today’s look I paired them with my favourite pair of boyfriend jeans and a button up shirt for an effortless, cool look.


IMG_5101 copy file000028 copy IMG_5049 copy IMG_5025 copy file000128 copy file000009 copy file000093 copy IMG_5004 copy file000166 copy

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Sandels: Charles & Keith
Rings: Colette Hayman
Hat: Witchery

Shot by Justin Polkey

Saucy Giveaway with Cotton On Body


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day literally right around the corner I have another giveaway on the blog. This one’s for all those ladies that don’t have someone special to spoil them tomorrow or busy mommies that barely have the time to pamper themselves.

Cotton On RSA have teamed up with My Life in Pink to spoil someone special with a pack of Cotton On Body intimates. Ooo-la-la ;)

I recently bought myself one of their Body intimates lace bra and boy do I love it! I only wish I had bought more. I prefer dainty, lace bras compared to padded push up ones. I find they classier and more feminine.

IMG_8577 IMG_8578

All you got to do to qualify for the giveaway is:
1.) Make sure you following @emmamenteath and @cottononbody on Twitter.
2.) Share any one of the black and white images in this post on twitter and make sure you add the hashtag #CottonOnRSA and tag @emmamenteath and @cottononbody.
3.) Leave a comment on this blog post once you’ve completed all the steps.

You have two weeks!
Good Luck


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.20.35 AM

Shades of Grey

MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _084 copy

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I was when I first laid eyes upon Witchery’s latest range. I mean the layers, the textures, the oversized cover-ups… basically my dream collection has officially been materialised.

Witchery’s latest collection of luxurious oversized cover-up items, such as the maxi coat or the winter wrap, cater for the chilly autumn evenings around the corner for us Southern Hemisphere folks, and frosty Spring Mornings for them Northerners.

A timeless neutral palette consisting of creams, greys and black to complement this warm textured collection. Tonal dressing is the key to this seasons’ sophistication. This season it’s all about the perfect cut and creating a beautiful yet strong silhouettes.

MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _695 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _763 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _007 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _135 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _633 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _598 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _044 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _735 copy

Little Q&A I did with the Witchery team in Australia…

Witchery: What do you love about winter fashion?
Emma Jane: The layering! The textures! Winter truly is a time where one gets to experiment with their clothing and embrace multiple fashion trends at the same time. Playing with textures during winter is my absolute fav. That’s why I love this latest Witchery collection so much. The cashmere sweater layered with the thick woollen coat, its pure perfection.

 Witchery: What are the 5 essential pieces every winter wardrobe needs?
Emma Jane:
1.) A beautiful winter overcoat, don’t skimp on the quality and the thickness.
2.) A pair of fashionable all weather boots. I personally prefer knee high ones or even thigh high. I suggest flats rather then heels, one doesn’t want to be trenching through the rain or snow in a pair of heeled boots.
3.) The cashmere sweater. I don’t even need to explain why this is an essential.
4.) Simple, classic winter gloves, scarf and beanie. Invest in a pair or leather glove and keep your beanie and scarf simple. Think cream or black, works with every outfit.
5.) The black leather jacket. My all year round must-have wardrobe essential.

Witchery: Where is your favourite place to travel in autumn / winter?
Emma: Being a South African I’ve only even been in the snow once. I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Iceland and watching the sunrise from the Blue Lagoon and to go sledding with a bunch of huskies.

MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _235 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _308 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _292 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _277 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _501 copy MLIP_Witchery_Feb_shot 01 _314 copy

See my full edit and shop this look on the Witchery blog here

All items of clothing are available at Witchery from select Woolworths stores.

Photo’s by Justin Polkey

Valentines Day Giveaway with Colette Hayman

IMG_4838 copy

Colette Hayman has once again teamed up with My Life in Pink for a sparkly giveaway this Valentine’s Day.

One lucky reader has the chance to win all the Colette Hayman items featured in this post. The lip clutch and lip purse, the sparkly statement necklace and chandelier earrings. All you got to do is follow the steps below:

IMG_4878 copy IMG_4958 copy IMG_4709 copy IMG_4898 copy IMG_4982 copy P1020603 copy

1.) Make sure you following both My Life in Pink and Colette Hayman on Facebook

2.) Share this link on Facebook > http://goo.gl/PbfQgv
(It should look like the image below…)


3.) Leave a comment on this post why you deserve to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day.

Competition closes in two weeks, good luck :)