Back At It: Full Body Workout

September 24, 2014

So I’ve been pretty lazy over the past couple of weeks with regards to exercising and staying in shape. Thankfully I’ve been walking and cycling around to all my meetings so things haven’t gone too downhill.

But enough is enough! It’s time to pull myself towards myself and start working out again. Below is a simple full body workout I really enjoy and depending how many times you stop to rest it should take you around 45min to complete. Best part of all… you don’t even need a gym.

I’m in Durban the moment, just arrived at my hotel, as I have a two day shoot here and I even packed my skipping rope so I can work out right here in my hotel room. No excuses this time!

If you have any questions about the below workout or what each exercise means just leave me a comment and I’ll get back with a more detailed description.


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 6.56.43 PM


  • 10min warm up run
  • x10 burpees
  • x30 jumping lunges (15 each leg)
  • x15 pushups
  • x15 sumo squats
  • x60 mountain climbers
  • x15 leg raisers
  • x24 commandos
  • 2min skipping


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