April On Film

June 26, 2018

Just got my latest roll of film back and decided to put together a mini blog post – April on Film.

April started the way all months should start – with rose picking and scones with my mum-in-law. It’s a simple act of self-love walking through a garden and deciding which rose to pick and prune and take home, a consideration for mother nature and all she has to offer. It’s a truly calming and meditative process which I highly recommend. The Chart Farm in Cape Town is open 7 days a week from 9am and serve delicious cakes and scones for a seriously reasonable price.

I woke up the following weekend craving a warm batch of scones and because I can’t trust myself to not eat a whole batch of freshly baked scones I opted for tea and scones at the Nelly (Mount Nelson). As much as I love the scones at The Chart Farm (best value for money) nothing beats a Nelly scone and it’s undeniably charming tea room interiors.

With the Elgin Cool Festival right on our doorstep we decided to make the most of it and invited our friends away for the weekend. The weekend consisted of long walks, swimming in the lake, apple picking  and countless glasses of wine. Elgin is one of my favourite places to unwind and relax and it’s only an hours drive from town. We also feasted at Elgin’s very own smokehouse – The Hickory Shack. Think baked beans and burnt ends, smoked brisket and pork ribs and old school hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. A must if you ever passing through Elgin.

Driving back from Elgin we decided to stop off in Gordons Bay to indulge ourselves further into the life of food. Seriously though, some people eat to live, myself of the other hand lives to eat!

First things first, Bikini Beach Books, my secret little heaven on earth. I’ve been shopping at this book store ever since I can remember. Growing up I spent hours (and I mean hours) scanning the rows of books piled floor to ceiling trying to decide which few would be coming home with me. When I was 17 I stumbled upon an old red vintage looking book in a giant shell that was selling for 50c, I didn’t even bother opening it to find out what it was, I simply wanted the book for it’s ornamental value. A few years later I open the book and see it’s title… Moulin Rouge! So I started reading it and was immediately engrossed, it’s still one of my favourite books to date. A novel based on the life of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the most intriguing and peculiar artist, written by Pierre La Mure and published in 1947.

Book hunting was proceeded by fish and chips drenched in vinegar and a long walk on the beach. Bond and I decided to treat ourselves to a soft serve from Uncle Barry’s. Seaside bliss. 

My bestie from New York, Jelena, popped over to Cape Town to visit and surprised me with my dream skirt that I’ve been drooling over for the last couple of weeks. Naturally I choose to wear it to Justin’s Bday we celebrated at La Tete, paired with all the classics – stilettos, turtleneck and my Chanel WOC.

My morning drive to gym and back is the most marvellous scenic drive along the coast. Every day I drive past this palm tree and it’s sign pointing to Table Mountain and one morning I decided to take this quirky palm’s portrait. A little snapshot of Cape Town.







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  1. Kirst says:

    Loving all of your film pictures, you captured April beautifully. x

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