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May 2, 2017

With Spring on our door step (well for everyone up North that is) what better way to celebrate the season with Lufthansa than an editorial dedicated to the most sophisticated colour of all – white. Simple shapes leave room for cutouts, puffed sleeves and wide silhouettes.

Shot earlier in the year in Cape Town while the Summer sun was still high in the sky and the temperatures left us dreaming of ocean swims and cold cocktails.

Highlight of the shoot? My miniature co-star, a cheeky squirrel monkey who may look adorable but his handler did inform me he pulled the heads of all the chickens he was sharing an enclosure with. Just goes to show you, he  may look cute and cuddly but at the end of the day he is still  a wild animal.

See the full Woman’s World Magazine online here.

photography: Frank Grimm

styling: Diana Gullotto

hair & make-up: Bert Kietzerow

model: Emma Janne Menteath from Outlaws

WW_LH_Outfit_02_096 WW_LH_Outfit_04_058 WW_LH_Outfit_05_109 WW_LH_Outfit_09_112 WW_LH_Outfit_08_144 WW_LH_Outfit_03_002 WW_LH_Outfit_01_004 WW_LH_Outfit_11_166

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  1. Sylvie Menteath says:

    gorgeous, you not the monkey

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