Calling All Curious // The Intellectual

December 11, 2015


but for thought 
all is fleeting 
the idea born, 
if it has to be called a word, 
is forever 

Part two of my collaboration with Fossil and their Calling All Curious campaign. As you know we’ve teamed up with Fossil to create three individually curated posts focused around three distinct personalities while featuring my three favourite products from Fossil.

First up we had The Romantic, now we have The Intellectual. She’s constantly on the quest for accruing new knowledge, she was often given the title of “bookworm” as a child and was proud of it. Confident in her mastery of her chosen subjects she radiates self-confidence and has an aura of mystery.

It’s no wonder she opted for the Jacqueline leather watch. A flawless essential, putting a sophisticated spin on a ladylike classic.


IMG_4301 IMG_4233 IMG_4328 IMG_4269 IMG_4247 IMG_4365

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