Calling All Curious // The Romantic

November 10, 2015


I watch as memory unfolds.
With the passing of every moment
I record the warmth, 
Remember the air, 
& as with time
You continue.
You disappear.
You are here.

Fossil’s latest campaign, Calling All Curious, focuses on a unique kind of creativity revolving around a collection of curious people, their curious things and curious passions.

Fossil are all about their people and the culture, they’ve always been based around a authentic vintage style. We’ve teamed up with Fossil to create three individually curated posts focused around three distinct personalities while featuring my three favourite products from Fossil.

First up is the Modern Romantic. She’s a sensitive listener in search for deeper emotions and self-expression is her gift as well as a necessity. Teamed with the Tailor rose tone watch with it’s minimalist design that delivers fresh femininity. A modern twist on romance.


IMG_8473 IMG_8455 IMG_8559 IMG_8626 IMG_8622 IMG_8311 IMG_8613 IMG_8430

In collaboration with Fossil
Shot by Justin Polkey


  1. Marieke says:

    where is this incredible dress from?

    1. emmajanementeath says:

      Hi Marieke,

      It’s a twin set from Zara. Still in stores.


  2. Lauren says:

    I love this post so much, that watch is just stunning!

  3. Who did your make-up for this post Em? Its beyond stunning!

    1. emmajanementeath says:

      Thank you, I did it myself. I’m no make-up expert at all so I take this as a huge compliment haha.

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