August 12, 2014

On Saturday morning we woke up super early to stand in queue for the famous cronut. What’s a cronut? It’s the unique creation of pastry chef Dominique Ansel, a croissant-donut hybrid. Fried in grape seed oil, rolled in sugar, filled with cream and topped with a glaze, the entire process takes up to three days!

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So why get up early to queue? The bakery only makes 350 cronuts every day and demand is high. We got there at 7am and there was already people who had been waiting since 5am! After 2 hours, 22 minutes and 25 seconds we were eventually served.

photo 1-2


I must say I did enjoy the cronut. It was unique and tasted great but it’s not something I would queue for again. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely recommend you try it at least once but it was Dominique’s latest creation that had me drooling. The pretzel lobster tail.


Made from a soft pretzel, stuffed with homemade peanut butter and buttercrunch brittle, it’s rolled into bite-sized segments and shaped into a lobster tail. It is then sprinkled liberally with sea salt, and served warm, with a pot of whipped honey brown butter on the side.

The pretzel lobster tail was the perfect combo between opposites. Soft and crunchy, sweet and salty. I highly recommend trying one of these bad boys.

IMG_5037 copy

A cronut will set you back $5.00 and a lobster tail $8.00. (Pre tax).

189 Spring Street
(between Sullivan and Thompson)
New York, NY 10012


p.s look out for Dominique himself. He’s usually the one opening the doors at 8am and you’ll see him roaming around the bakery while you placing your order. Always has a smile on his face 🙂


xxx EJ

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  1. Chelsea H says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks incredible! My tastebuds are drooling over that lobster tail!

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