Days of Summer

November 5, 2014

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My latest ELLE shoot celebrates the fact that Summer is finally here with a “surfer chic aesthetic”.

I landed in Cape Town from a 28 hour trip from New York to London to Cape Town to ELLE’s November shoot. However my energy was high due to the fact that I got to work with my favourite ELLE Belles.

Senior fashion editor, Tarryn Oppel, says “The basic concept was to embody summer in 10 pages. The best way we could do that was to take it outdoors and, of course, showcase a range of swimwear. I wanted it to look easy-going and effortless, which I feel has been achieved.”

For an overdose of Summer inspiration grab yourself a copy of the latest ELLE magazine, you won’t be disappointed. Plus Miranda Kerr is on the cover!


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Stylist: Tarryn Oppel
Photographer: Kristin Lee Moolman
Make-up: Sylvie Hurford
Hair: Kevin Epstein
Videography: Roice Nel
Model: Me 🙂 Emma Jane Menteath from Outlaws Model Agency.


  1. Talya says:

    Ah this is so perf! Think I would totes start surfing if I could get a Louis Vuitton/Chanel surfboard.. PS have you seen the new Chanel ad with Gisele? think you’ll be obsessed <3

  2. sylvie says:


  3. Danie says:

    Excellent!!!! Well done Emma….

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