Eleven Facial Serums & Oils I’m Currently Loving

September 24, 2018

I’m a huge advocate of facial serums and various body oils when it comes to hydrating the skin and have been so for many years. Oils are one of those things that you either adore or steer very far from, often pending your skin type. I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends that suffer with oily skin tend to avoid using facial oils as they fear it might worsen their already oily skin, but when used sparingly, oils can actually benefit acne-prone skin.

Here’s eleven facial serums and oils that are currently sitting on my top shelve:

1.) Darphin Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum, £46.00
I discovered Darphin via a few Korean (surprise surprise) beauty bloggers I’ve followed over the years. It’s been a consistently loved brand by many and over the last year of using a few of their products I now understand why. (I actually wrote a full blog post about Darphin not so long ago, see here.) The Hydraskin serum quickly become a top shelf favourite thanks to it’s hydrated, dewy-fresh finish. The serum helps t0 maintain and reinvigorate critical water reserves within the surface of skin cells and relieves any dry, tight feelings.

It’s ideal for: Dryness, dehydration, cooling and tightness.
Use: Day and/or night.

2.) Dior Hydra Life Serum, £52.00
You can clearly tell from my empty serum bottle how much I adore using the Dior Hydra Life Serum. I love to apply it after my shower once I’ve finished my morning workout routine as it has the most sensational cooling effect on your skin. It’s actually a 3-in-1 serum: it has the ultra-concentrated moisturisation of a serum, the radiance boost of a gentle peel and the toning effect of a lotion.

It’s ideal for: Dryness, dehydration and dullness.
Use: Day and/or night.

3.) Dior Capture Youth Lift Sculptor, £75.00
I use this serum is the morning after I have cleansed and toned. It adds a gentle radiance to my skin that last’s throughout the day and leaves my skin feeling lifted. It’s very gentle on the skin (92% natural ingredients) and has an instant tightening effect.

[Full disclosure, Dior regularly send me their new releases to test and try. I test all products for a good few weeks before recommending any of them to you guys.]

It’s ideal for: Lack of firmness.
Use: Day and/or night.

4.) Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster, £75.00
This serum is an incredible addition to your make up routine! All you need is 3 small drops and a quick massage and your skin is glowing without looking oily or overly shiny thanks to it’s exfoliating effect it has on the skin. Full of antioxidants and made using 80% natural ingredients, it’s the perfect serum to help combat a dull complexion.

It’s ideal for: Dull skin.
Use: Best used under make-up.

5.) Sparitual Cuti-Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil, £10.95
I’ve been using this cuticle oil for about 8 years now and it’s something that never leaves my bedside table. Every night before I turn off my lights I apply a small drop to each finger and gently massage the oil into my cuticles and nails. I suffer from VERY dry cuticles that are constantly tearing and catching on things. Plus I have a habit (a very bad habit) of biting them when I’m overworked, so this oil is a complete life saver. Oh, and it’s also vegan.

It’s ideal for: Dry, damaged cuticles.
Use: At night.

6.) Shu uemura Ultime 8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil, £50.50
I’m kind of bummed I only bought the 150ml version of this cleansing oil, it’s exactly what the name says it is – sublime! Since moving to London I got into the habit of double cleansing because of all the pollution in the air, it’s also the best make-up and impurity remover which works wonders after a day of shooting. It has a cashmere-like texture and is infused with 8 precious oils that renew the skins quality, leaving it moisturised with less viable pores. Another empty bottle on my top shelf that urgently needs replacing.

It’s ideal for: Everyone. Especially people in pollution rich areas.
Use: At night.

7.) Darphin Revitalizing Oil for Face, Body & Hair, £25
This product is a great holiday must-have. One oil product for all your needs – face hair and body. It also has the most divine smell. After spending the day sun bathing, jumping in and out of the ocean, I have a hot shower to remove all the excess salt from my skin and hair and apply a few pumps of this to my whole body. It helps to nourish and protect my  skin from future dehydration and reduces any hair breakage. People tend to ask me what perfume I am wearing when I have this oil applied to my skin. 

It’s ideal for: Dullness, loss of radiance and supporting skin’s natural moisture barrier.
Use: After a warm shower/bath.  

8.) Africology Absolute Rose Serum, R800
This serum (which in my opinion is more of a facial oil) has been a firm top shelf favourite of mine for many years now, I started using it when I was suffering with adult acne in my early twenties. Rose oil has extremely powerful healing properties which help in assisting the skin’s hormonal balances, it’s also a great oil to use for anyone suffering with dermatitis. I would recommend testing this product first as some people suffer with skin irritations when using essential oils.

It’s ideal for: Hormonal skin as well as dry, sensitive skin.
Use: At night. 

9.) Eco Diva Anti-Aging Face Serum, R415
Eco Diva are one of my favourite eco friendly, organic and cruelty free brands to use. They have a wide range of products ranging from skincare to household cleaning products. Their anti-aging face oil is one of my favourites, along with their (coconut oil) Creme Brûlée Body Butter. The facial oil contains 7 nutrient rich oils which assist in rejuvenating dehydrated or damaged skin by reducing dry/flakiness and restoring suppleness and a healthy pH balance. It also contains naturally occurring UVA and UVB protection and can double up as a hair repair oil. Nifty right?

It’s ideal for: Dehydrated or damaged skin.
Use: Day and/or night.

10.) Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care, £40.00
One of my must-apply-products before bed along with my Sparitual cuticle oil. It contains the soothing properties of chamomile and lavender with omega 6 to calm the skin and enhance radiance. I add a few drops to my palms, rub together to warm it up slightly, inhale deeply and then massage into my skin before bed. Blissful sleep all around.

It’s ideal for: Sensitive skin, irritation, redness, dullness and loss of radiance.
Use: At night. 

11.) Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse, £29.00
This product needs no introduction – plus I’ve bragged about it’s awesomeness before on the blog, see here – I started using this multi-purpose oil after visiting Paris for the first time back in 2012, now every time I apply it it takes me straight back to the streets of Paris and I just love that. (The power of smell!) Any French girls top shelf beauty favourite, this dry oil contains anti-oxidants and acts as a shield against pollution while helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It can also be used as a hair mask, just apply a few generous pumps to your hands and massage into your hair, leave for 10min and wash out with shampoo. A beauty cupboard must-have for anyone and everyone.

It’s ideal for: Anyone looking for nourished skin and hair.
Use: Day and/or night after shower/bath. 

*Not a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own. 

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