From Perdika to Ermioni

July 5, 2017

… and so the story continues. Where I left off last time I was boarding the boat in the bay of Perdika to sail to Ermioni to meet up with Justin and Ross who had previously been left behind at the BA terminal in London.

(Incase you missed it, see part one of my Greek adventure here.)

We docked our yacht around lunch time in the Ermioni harbour and as I looked up there was Justin and Ross sitting in the shade outside a little greek cafe. They both looked like they’d been in the wars. (Sorry boys!)

Turned out after queueing for hours and being put on standby for the past three flights with no success they managed (thanks to EU law) to be reimbursed for their flight and booked a new flight to Greece via one of the only airlines that had availability – Air Serbia.

So they flew to Serbia, Serbia to Athens and then caught “The Flying Dolphin” (a supposedly fast ferry) to Ermioni while surviving on a hour’s sleep in 72 hours!

We decided a swim in the ocean and some delicious greek food would cure any woes. So we grabbed our towels, downed a beer and went to explore the island of Ermioni.

Ermioni is a small island town constructed on the hill slopes around a beautiful port with a population of 3062 people. In the past the town used to be know for their shipbuilding and the production of a red dye called porphyra. An uncomplicated holiday destination with the friendliest people you’ll ever come across. It only took us an hour or two to walk around the whole island.

We joined everyone for dinner at a local restaurant right on the waters edge for grilled octopus and fresh sardines called Tzieris. Like most spots in greece Tzieris is a family owned and run business. I was so impressed with my meal that I went in to thank the chef only to walk out with the whole family hugging and kissing me while bestowing me with bottles of homemade olive oil. (Which happens to be the best olive oil I’ve ever tried!)

We ended off our evening at Millennium Sailing Club which is run by a crazy Greek man who loves to party. We received more free drinks then drinks that we paid for and by the end of the night he had everyone dancing on tables and throwing hundreds of napkins in the air.

The next morning I was up early again and Justin and I headed out to explore the island one more time before setting sail. We ended up on the other side of the island and stumbled on a bakery that had just bought out fresh baklava. Only on holiday would I wake up with caffeine and sugar.

With everyone abroad the yacht and no one stuck in London we set sail for us next destination, and one of my favourites… Spetses!

… to be continued…

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White linen shirt – Jane Sews
Denim shorts – Cotton On
Hat – Mango
Sunglasses – Persol
Sandals – Jane Sews
White bikini – Violet Lake
Full piece black swimsuit – Violet Lake

All photos taken by myself and Justin Polkey


  1. Sylvie Menteath says:

    Awesome stuff, is the yacht you traveled on posted on the blog?

    1. Yeah, it’s the last picture. Our yacht was called Lysistrate 🙂

  2. Britney says:

    Stunning pics Em. Feels like I was there with you!
    A million photos I want for my walls.. 🙂
    I’m going to have to give you a list!! xx

  3. Georgia East says:

    Em these pictures are utterly gorgeous – every single one is art! Post ALL the pics, even if you have to turn them into a 20-part series!

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