Horse Back Riding at St.Bernards Peak

May 6, 2015

This is a super belated post that’s been sitting in my drafts since the beginning of the year… oops 🙂

In January Justin and I headed up to the Drakensberg to celebrate his granddads 90th birthday party. The man’s a legend in my eyes, he threw the most amazing Scottish themed party in the rolling hills of the Drakensberg complete with bag pipe performances and haggis and he out partied us all!

A stand out moment for me was an afternoon of horse back riding in the mountains. There’s something magical about galloping over hills and through rivers. A horse’s stamina and strength never cease to amaze me.

St.Bernards Peak also offers over night rides into Lesotho for more experienced riders with stops at rustic bars in bush. If I had the time I would of loved to have signed up for that.

Anyone else a major fan or horse riding?


IMG_8099 IMG_8092 IMG_8096 IMG_8101 IMG_8089 IMG_8088 IMG_8102 IMG_8097 IMG_8090 IMG_8094 IMG_8098 IMG_8093 IMG_8103 IMG_8095

Tops: Mango
Flannel: Woolworths
Leggings: Country Road
Boots: Topshop
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut

Photos by myself and Justin Polkey


  1. sylvie says:

    I want to do this. it’s so beautiful, so green

  2. Rose says:

    Take a look at my Facebook page to see how horses love and remember each other. x

  3. Lee says:

    Emma, which camera do you use for your posts? Your visuals are amazing!

    1. Hi Lee,

      Firstly thank you so much and secondly to answer your questions we use various camera’s pending the situation. For quick snaps we use our iPhones. Then in situations where carrying a large camera around is uncomfortable or inappropriate we have a little point and shoot. The LUMIX GM1, which is what these horse back riding images were taken on. Lastly our main camera is the Canon 5D Mark III which we use about 85% of the time.

      Hope this helps you 🙂

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