August 27, 2013

I am the fussiest person alive when it comes down to shoe shopping. I am constantly oohing and aahing wether the shoe I have chosen is the correct one. So you can imagine me trying to shop for a new set of trainers for running, it was almost impossible, took me a year to finally choose a pair and commit to them.

I was so confused with all the different options and colours which are now available to us shoppers. And then they introduced the whole barefoot run and stable run and and and…. nope all too much for me.

So this weekend I finally committed myself to a pair of beautiful pink and grey Nikes and boy are they oh so comfy!

Because of the way I run, pressure on the outside of my heel, I have to wear ‘special’ shoes, Nike have created a range called the ‘Stability Ride’ which has dynamic support which is great for me as I am a pronation runner. Therefore if I had to run wearing their ‘Barefoot’ or ‘Neutral’ range I would damage my knees.

It’s important to know what kind of foot you have and what kind of runner you are, here’s a great link which explains everything:

Make sure you wearing the right kind of trainers :)

Happy Tuesday

xxx EJ


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