Roar, I’m a Lion

August 5, 2014

So the reason things went a little quiet last week was:
a.) My parter in crime, Justin Polkey, was away in Paris shooting a fashion campaign. (a.k.a no My Life in Pink photographer.) and…
b.) I joined a model agency here in New York called The Lions. Which meant meetings, castings, go-see’s, test shoots, gym etc etc.

For those of you that don’t know this already I’m a full time model. It’s the reason I get to travel the world and make my moola, it’s a lot of hard work despite what everyone thinks and I feel incredible blessed at the opportunities that come my way.

Meeting the owner of  The Lions NY, Ali, over coffee one day was one of those incredible opportunities. I told him I was looking to join an agency here in NY and he told me to come in and meet the team, so I did and the rest is history.

Before I left South Africa I wrote down exactly what I wanted from an agency:
1.) Smallish, like a boutique agency. No more then 50 girls.
2.) Yes small but still reputable.
3.) An agency that can get me editorial work but at the same time commercial work. A girls gotta cover her bills.
4.) A strong team of bookers and with a top shelf work ethic, and most importantly,
5.) A team that would be excited to take me on. In a city like NY which has models bursting out every nook and cranny the competition is crazy. Having a booker behind you that believes in you and is willing to push you in the right direction is a must.

Lions ticked all those boxes. Everything I wrote down, manifested itself and I couldn’t feel more blessed. I now belong to a boutique agency with less then 50 girls along with the likes of Cameron Russell and Irina Shayk.

Reason for this post, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to dream too big. Seriously.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.44.47 PMMy compcard. Which is basically my business card I leave behind after seeing clients.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 4.33.49 PMLingerie polaroids… My worst, hate doing them haha.

image002New polaroids. It’s important as a model to have clean, fresh polaroids with no make up on. This way clients get to see what you look like naturally with no retouching or styling. It’s a ‘real’ representation of what they booking.



  1. sylvie says:

    beautiful, so proud of you

  2. femmegypsy says:

    I absolutely LOVE those last Polaroids! You look incredible and well done! 🙂

  3. Talya says:

    Major congrats! PS you are at the same agency at Karen Elson = ahmazing <3

  4. Nicole says:

    I love Emma Jane there. She’s perfectly stunning. Lovely

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