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June 19, 2015


I stumbled upon Skoon’s Instagram account a few weeks ago and instantly feel in love with the brand. From everything they stand for with regards to natural ingredients to their beautifully designed website and Scandinavian packaging. I simply had to get my hands on the product and try it out for myself.

My absolute favourite thing about this product is the fact that you can design you own trail pack that fits your skins specific needs for a mere R75-R100! I opted for the “Make It Yours” trail pack for R100. (The products lasted me two weeks.) Perfect choice for a frequent flyer such as myself.

I’ve got pretty fickle skin, one minute it’s producing oil and I’m breaking out and the next min I’m dehydrated and my skin is flaky and when my skin really wants to annoy me it’s oily and dry at the same time! The great thing about the Make it Yours trail pack is that is comes with three different moisturises for your specific needs.

I ended up using the double thick cream on my dry areas around my nose and chin and used the moisture gel and super moisturiser on my oily areas, such as my forehead.

The Glowdrops were something else. I mean the name alone is enough for you to fall in love with the product. It leaves you with a soft, natural, luminous glow and is quickly absorbed with no greasy after feel what-so-ever.

All the products have the most unbelievable scents that’ll put a smile on your face for hours after application.


P.S Skoon are offering 20% off their Glowdrops!

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