Calling All Curious // The Badass

January 12, 2016


Thought has been
as a shadow then, 
and now a spoken word.
A silhouette grows.
Here I stand
the idea gives way to mass.  

The final look of my collaboration with Fossil and their Calling All Curious campaign. As you know we teamed up with Fossil to create three individually curated posts focused around three distinct personalities while featuring my three favourite products from Fossil.

We’ve had The Romantic, The Intellectual and today we paying homage to women who is focused, precise, knows her goals, firm in her convictions and hard to stop – The Badass.

Featuring the Preston Flap in classic black, a bag that’s big enough to hold all my daily essentials including my iPad for business meetings and a book for my downtime. There when you need it and swinging easily from your shoulder when you don’t.


Badass05 Badass02 Badass01 Badass03 Badass07 Badass04 Badass08

** An advertorial in collaboration with Fossil

tubular x

October 5, 2015

adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_819 copy

Do you ever try on a pair of shoes and immediately you feel like you walking on clouds? And every step you take feels like you almost floating? Well that’s exactly what these babies from adidas made me feel like. Floating… clouds… heaven for my feet.

adidas have just launched their new line of trainers  – the Tubular X series – “a vision of the future created from abstractive, collective memories of adidas archives”.

Moulded soles, neutral colour-ways and a back to the future kinda feeling. A pair of trainers that can match pretty much anything in your wardrobe and let’s not forget that it comes in a knitted version too… I mean what’s not to love.


adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_807 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_826 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_758 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_952 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_770 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_829 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_905 copy copy

Trainers: adidas Tubular Runner W
Shirt: OAK
Shorts: H&M
Hat: adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Throughly Modern Nineties

May 1, 2015

Witchery March_Witchery March_930 copy

History always tends to repeat itself and we see how true that is through fashion. With the nineties revival on our doorsteps from minimal coats to slip dresses and overalls we can finally celebrate the comeback of our favourite style icons of the decade, think Clueless, The Craft and my favourite celebrity couple of all time: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

As per usual Witchery refuses to be left behind, with their constant fashion forward approach with their collections.

This collection focuses strongly on the minimalist nature of the items: tonal with clean and slim silhouettes yet keeping a modern spin throughout the collection.

Witchery March_Witchery March_811 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_725 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_631 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_955 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_858 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_724 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_686 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_648 copy

My must have items from this latest Witchery collection? The sleeveless knitted maxi dress of course! It’s the perfect all round item for your wardrobe. Dress it up with a pair of heels for an evening look or play it cool in a pair of brogues and a minimal maxi coat.

The nineties have never looked so modern.


Witchery March_Witchery March_1018 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_1066 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_1028 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_1356 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_1309 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_1281 copy Witchery March_Witchery March_911 copy

See my full edit and shop this look on the Witchery blog here

All items of clothing are available at Witchery from select Woolworths stores.

Photo’s by Justin Polkey

Boho Breeze

August 21, 2014

IMG_5284 copy

One of my favourite singers of all time sang the lines “the times they are a changing” and those six words couldn’t be more true to me.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve wondered into the unknown, taken on new tasks and challenges and started to discover little things about myself that I never really knew… all thanks to New York City, The City of Dreams.

I guess it’s along with this sense of excitement and adventure that I styled this boho look complete with lace, a floppy hat and precious stones. Like I said in one of my previous posts, I don’t have one style, my style depends on the mood I wake up in.

… And right now I am feeling freer then a bird and braver than a lion.


IMG_5148 copy IMG_5518 copy IMG_5132 copy IMG_5435 copy IMG_5043 copy IMG_5300 copy IMG_5457 copy IMG_5403 copy IMG_5315 copy IMG_5446 copy IMG_5569 copy IMG_5442 copy IMG_5547 copy IMG_5551 copy IMG_5555 copy

Top: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Bra: H&M
Hat: Witchery
Shoes: H&M
Bracelet: Aldo
Necklaces: Urban Outfitters

Photos by Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam