Weekly Inspiration – Marni’s Mischievous S/S17 Campaign

May 3, 2017

Marni has long been one of my favourite fashion brands to follow especially with regards to their continuously amazing campaigns they produce, always opting to work with art photographers instead of fashion photographers. The latest Marni campaign shot by Barbara Probst takes an interesting turn with the models essentially controlling the lens and turning the camera on her.

Barbara Probst is renowned for producing images that comment upon the seductive and illusory effect that photography so often employs. Cameras, studio lights and photographic equipment are intentionally made visible in her work and, as a consequence, the processes of image making become exposed to the viewer. When she began to work with the medium, Probst was initially interested in dissecting what a photograph actually is and how it functions, finding interest not in the subject itself, but rather in the many ways she could document it. Fascinated by the fact that there are countless ways of representing one and the same moment depending on the decisions of the photographer, she exploited this intrigue for the Marni S/S17 campaign, creating a mischievous subversion of the fashion photoshoot, with models appearing to turn the lens back onto her. Here, Probst speaks with AnOther about balancing photographic power, challenging the limitations of one-dimensional storytelling and some of the practitioners that so inspire what she does.

Full interview with Barbara Probst up on Another Mag.

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Weekly Inspiration

January 11, 2016


Gucci S/S16 Campaign
models: Peyton Knight, Polina Oganicheva, Elizabeth Moore, Mia Gruenwald, Nicole Atieno, Anton Toftgard, Hugo  Goldhoorn & Arnis Cielava.
photographer: Glen Luchford
stylist: Jane How
hair: Paul Hanlon
make-up: Yadim

The latest Gucci campaign is giving me such feels! I mean who doesn’t want their own pet peacock that they can skateboard around with in deserted shopping centres?

On a more series note, when did Gucci become so cool? Alessandro Michele has really done some amazing things for the brand. From old school drab to a vibrant, youthful brand. Who would of thought…

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