Moody Blooms

July 10, 2014

Greetings from New York City! I can’t even begin to explain what an amazing place this city is. Within two hours of arriving I had fallen in love.

Hence the reason for being so quiet on the blog the past couple of days. I’ve been walking the streets like crazy taking every little inch in. I’ve been tracking my walking and it’s sitting on 25-30km a day!

Got so much travel stories and tips to share with you all, can’t wait. But for now here’s a look post we shot before we left South Africa.

Cape Town looks like it’s been freezing and one of the best things to wear when it’s cold is a chunky knit. I suggest Country Road, they have a rather large knitwear collection that I am absolutely gaga for. I can’t walk into CR without buying a new knit.

Instead of wearing a beanie this Winter try teaming your outfit with a veldt hat like below.

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7622 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7570 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7838 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7895 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7786 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7983 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7878 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7747 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7694 copy

Jumper: Country Road
Leggings: Mango
Hat: Woolworths
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Boots: Aldo
Flowers: Woolworths

Photos by Justin Polkey

First Blush

May 30, 2014

Is pink the new black this season? Evan pink naysayers may find themselves adorned in one of many shades of pink on offer this season.

Tone it down with a paler shade or spice things up with one of the brighter shades, it’s all on offer this season from blush pink to bubblegum pink.

With so many great winter items available in pink there’s no need to wait for temperatures to rise before donning this colour. Grab a pink fuzzy knit or a pink oversized winter coat.

There’s countless ways to wear pink: Team it up with rose gold accessories, try pink on pink or choose a pink item with florals or pop art for a little fun. A head to toe pink look too girly for you? Try adding a pale pink bag or a pair of shoes to your outfit.

I went a little crazy with my look… three shades of pink with three different prints, and I love it! Don’t fear fashion, have fun with it. And remember…

…We don’t just wear pink on Wednesday’s anymore…

xxx EJ
Happy Friday Lovelies

IMG_3924 copy IMG_4230 copy IMG_4016 copy IMG_3986 copy IMG_3719 copy IMG_4089 copy  IMG_4034 copyIMG_3974 copy

Shirt: Woolworths
Jersey: Mr Price
Skirt: Woolworths
Neckpiece: Woolworths
Bag: Mr Price
Shoes: Woolworths
Notebook: Typo
Clutch: Typo

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Urban Camo

May 6, 2014

When it comes to this year’s fashion trends there’s no hiding from camo. This tough, old school print has modernised itself through colour ways and metallic shine.

To soften this tough print, and to avoid looking like you just stepped out of the ranks, don’t rock a head-to-toe camo vibe, unless you going hunting. Rather pick one piece, such as a blouse/button up, and team it with a well fitted pair of skinny jeans and some nude heels. Accessorising your look will help add femininity to this boyish print.

Why not stray away from the traditional print and try a different colour way ? Personally I love a blue camo print.

xxx EJ

IMG_2747 copy IMG_2625 copy IMG_2907 copy IMG_3063 copy IMG_2758 copy IMG_2988 copy IMG_3041 copy

Jersey: Mr Price
Skirt: Zara
Stockings: Woolworths
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: Topshop
Ring: Family heirloom

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Back in Tartan

March 28, 2014

Tartan is back! From Scottish boys to the runway, tartan is one of the season’s hottest prints this Autumn, and being part Scottish myself I’m a fan.

Woolworths have released these two adorable tartan skater skirts, one in red and one in black, and I simply could not resist.

xxx EJ

Untitled JobIMG_1550 copy Untitled JobIMG_1669 copy Untitled JobIMG_1779 copy Untitled JobIMG_1798 copy Untitled JobIMG_1640 copy Untitled JobIMG_1825 copy

Top: Zara
Skirt: Woolworths
Hat: Woolworths
Handbag: Primark
Socks: Stolen from my boyfriend, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Tina Liu from Zoom

Shot by Justin Polkey 


Designed by Touhidul Islam