Colette Hayman J&B Met Giveaway

January 29, 2015

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This Saturday the J&B Met celebrates its 38th anniversary with the theme: ‘Made for the Mix.’ Pursue the unconventional path by mixing different fashion styles together. Combine your colours vibrantly. Blend vintage with contemporary. Be bold and experiment with contrasting styles that compliment each other remarkably to create an ensemble that’s truly unique. All in the name of being Made Different.

Colette Hayman teamed up with My Life in Pink to spoil one lucky reader with these divine, sparkling jewels and clutch bag worth R700!

Mix and match them with colourful items of clothing for a retro 70’s feel. Think pink trousers, white shirt and an orange blazer. Actually anything would go 😉

IMG_7715 IMG_7713 IMG_7716 IMG_7712

In order to qualify for the giveaway follow the steps below:

1.) Make sure you following both myself, @emmajanementeath, and Colette Hayman, @ColetteByColetteHayman, on Instagram.

2.) Repost any one of these images on Instagram making sure you mention both @emmajanementeath and @colettebycolettehayman in the comments and blind tag the both of us.

3.) For an extra entry leave a comment on this blog post stating your favourite Colette Hayman item in these pictures.

**Step 3 does not qualify you for the giveaway unless you’ve completed step 1 and 2. 

Winner will be announced on Friday evening
Good Luck


All photos shot by myself. 

Rain Maker

September 30, 2014


A truly remarkable women once said “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” and I couldn’t agree more.

Owning classic, simple pieces is a must for any women’s wardrobe. Such as the white button down shirt or a black leather jacket, but the number one classic item every women should own is a pair of perfectly fitted jeans.

Recently I have fallen in love with J Brands amazing jeans collection. They have every colour and style you can image. I found this pair at a sample sale in NY and literally wore them everyday during my fashion week castings.

For this look post I paired my JB denims with an oversized knit from Mango, things were starting to get a little chilly just before I left New York, and a pair of classic patent pumps and Audrey sunnies. Everyone was hiding in their apartments and it felt rather cinematic to be alone down on the piers having my morning flat white and croissant as the steam rose from the Manhattan skyline.


IMG_4107 IMG_3799B&W IMG_3988 copy IMG_4147 IMG_3829 copy IMG_3871 IMG_3888B&W IMG_4035 copy IMG_3923 copy IMG_4263 IMG_3965B&W IMG_4197 IMG_4099 copy IMG_4084 copy

Top: Mango
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: Topshop
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Rings: Catbird

Photos by Justin Polkey

Moody Blooms

July 10, 2014

Greetings from New York City! I can’t even begin to explain what an amazing place this city is. Within two hours of arriving I had fallen in love.

Hence the reason for being so quiet on the blog the past couple of days. I’ve been walking the streets like crazy taking every little inch in. I’ve been tracking my walking and it’s sitting on 25-30km a day!

Got so much travel stories and tips to share with you all, can’t wait. But for now here’s a look post we shot before we left South Africa.

Cape Town looks like it’s been freezing and one of the best things to wear when it’s cold is a chunky knit. I suggest Country Road, they have a rather large knitwear collection that I am absolutely gaga for. I can’t walk into CR without buying a new knit.

Instead of wearing a beanie this Winter try teaming your outfit with a veldt hat like below.

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7622 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7570 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7838 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7895 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7786 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7983 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7878 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7747 copy MLIP_Shot 35 Tulips _IMG_7694 copy

Jumper: Country Road
Leggings: Mango
Hat: Woolworths
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Boots: Aldo
Flowers: Woolworths

Photos by Justin Polkey

Office Elegance

June 19, 2014

Dressing your way to success is no lie. `

I remember when I first started modelling I was told by one of my European agencies that I would have to go out and purchase myself a $2000 dollar handbag if I was to be taken seriously within the industry, clients would automatically sit up and take notice with a Prada or Louis Vuitton on my arm.

In a business world that is predominately male orientated dressing the part has never been more important. Not only does it A.) Make people take you more seriously but B.) It makes you take yourself more seriously.

Dressing the part is not about how you end up ‘looking” but how it makes you “feel”. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing, say a watch or a set of matching underwear that makes you feel fantastic and confident. If we dress confidently we automatically feel confident.

Here’s some tips for dressing for the office:

  • Mix expensive pieces with bargain pieces. Don’t stress about wearing a top to toe designer look.
  • When you try something on picture yourself wearing it at work. Does it make you feel confident?
  • If in doubt? Wear black! My fav colour. No matter how cheap the item is, it always looks expensive. It’s classic and elegant. Plus if you wear it three days a week no one would really notice.
  • Google or flip through magazines to find some inspo before heading to the shops. This way you have a strong, clear idea of what you want.
  • Update your wardrobe every season by buying two or three extra pieces. Then mix it up with your old pieces to save money.

Remember “fashion is what you buy… style is how you wear it”

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9830 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9903 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9960 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9734 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_0085 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9801 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9783 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9754_new MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_0111 copy

Shirt: Woolworths
Skirt: Woolworths
Blazer: Trenery
Boots: Aldo
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring: Gift

Photos by Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam