Invitation Only: The Key To Event Dressing

October 28, 2014

Just before I left for New York I was approached by one of my favourite brands, Witchery, and asked whether I would be interested in coming onboard as one of their fashion influences for their Style Collective blog in Australia the ‘W Edit’. You can imagine my excitement! Below is my first trend edit which is all about dressing for events.

xxx EJ

IMG_7867 copy

This season there’s no reason for you to walk into an event and have that sinking feeling in your stomach because you’ve arrived underdressed or under styled.

With a colour palette of cashew, “Summer black” and hints of metallic, modernising your wardrobe for special events this Summer has never been easier.

Summer is always a busy time of the year with events taking place around the clock. Here are two looks I’ve styled to take you from that day time launch event to the exclusive dinner party.

Day time events allow us to have a little more fun with our outfits, leaving room for statement pieces. Take this V-neck slip dress for example. It’s classic, elegant and refined, add a pair of heels and you all set to go.

However teaming this classic V-neck slip dress with touches of metallic will create a luxe look that has an extra modernised ‘oomph’. No doubt you’ll have heads turning your way.

IMG_7393 copy IMG_7516 copy IMG_7621 copy IMG_7656 copy IMG_7706 copy IMG_7817 copy IMG_7721 copy IMG_7768 copy

I recently attended a red carpet event in New York City and decided to ditch the LBD for something more exciting. Instead I opted for an all white suit.

These Bermuda cuff shorts are the perfect tailored piece to dress up for a Summertime event. It’s a look that can carry you from a busy day at the office to a glam night out. Swap the flats for a sexy pair of stilettos and exchange your handbag for a timeless clutch and you good to go.

IMG_7885 copy IMG_8249 copy IMG_8170 copy IMG_8019 copy MLIP_Witchery_Oct_DPS  copy

See my full edit and shop this look on the Witchery blog here. 

All items of clothing are available at Witchery from select Woolworths stores.

Photo’s by Justin Polkey

Bleeker Street

August 14, 2014

Everyone always ask’s me “What’s your style” and I find it so hard to answer them. Thing is I don’t have a specific ‘style’ and maybe that’s a bad thing but to me it’s a good thing.

I dress according to my emotions when I wake up in the morning and as fashion evolves and moves on so does my style. Whether I’m in a preppy I’m-off-to-tea kinda outfit or a simple Scandinavian inspired outfit it’s still me, it’s my style. Every day I am inspired by things I see walking the streets, my travels, the internet, it all influences my style and my personality.

So no, I can’t define my style, last week I was boho-chic and this week I’m preppy… and I kinda like it that way…


IMG_1860 copy IMG_2146 copy IMG_2297 copy IMG_1985 copy IMG_2170 copy IMG_2237 copy IMG_2040 copy IMG_1797 copy IMG_2007 copy IMG_2254 copy

Top: H&M
Jacket: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Heels: Zara
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Bangle: Topshop
Alice band: Claire’s

Photos by Justin Polkey 

High Line

August 4, 2014

One of my favourite spots in New York City is the High Line in West Village. The High Line is a 1,6km linear park built on a part of the old New York Central Railroad. The first two phases have been completed and the third phase is expected to open later this year.

Yes it may be over ran by tourists on weekends but despite that I still find it a relaxing space. With little cafe’s set up it’s easy to grab yourself an ice coffee and sit under a tree with your book listening to the sound of people, kids laughing and the sound of trickling water. It’s urban gardens like these that make living in a bustling city bearable.

Enough about the High Line, more about the clothes right 😉 Well, Zara is currently having a sale and I went a little O.T.T. My outfit below is a full Zara look for under $100! How cute are these striped trousers?! Little tip when it comes to wearing striped pants, always, and I mean always, make sure you buy a pair with vertical stripes and not horizontal. Vertical stripes make you look slimmer and taller.


P.S For those of you visiting, going to visit or live in New York City the High Line offers free stargazing every Tuesday night from 7:30pm. You can gaze at the stars, planets, and moon through the high-powered telescopes of the Amateur Astronomers Association, and chat with the experts about the sights you see. Pretty cool I’d say.

IMG_2560 copy IMG_2320 copy IMG_2794 copy-1 IMG_2313 copy IMG_2709 copy IMG_2850 copy IMG_2733 copy IMG_2422 copy IMG_2785 copy IMG_2455 copy-1 IMG_2548 copy IMG_2604 copy IMG_2898 copy IMG_2877 copy IMG_2463 copy

Top: Zara
Pants: Zara
Heels: Zara
Sunglasses: Celine

Photos by Justin Polkey

Top Coat

July 3, 2014

It’s pretty clear after the past couple of fashion weeks that pink outwear is a clear winner this season. So it’s no wonder when Woolworths released their pink Winter coat I simply had to have it.

From the runway to fashionista’s, this season’s ‘must-have’ is a a pink something. Be it a bomber jacket, a cozy oversized knit or a fitted coat, one can not go wrong.

And with the Winter weather setting in there’s no better colour to help brighten up your day.

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7284 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7381 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7535 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7484 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7316 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7447 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7372 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7468 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7489 copy MLIP_Shot 36 Pink Elegance _IMG_7544 copy

Coat: Woolworths
Jeans: Zara
Knit: H&M
Scarf: Country Road
Heels: Aldo
Watch: Swatch

Photos by Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam