Bushwalk with ELLE Netherlands

May 10, 2017

Back in January I booked a job with ELLE Netherlands which we shot just outside of Cape Town by an adorable little cabin down by a lake.

I love being part of the ELLE family, no matter where I go in the world I tend to book an ELLE editorial/cover – from ELLE Uk to ELLE Russia – and it feels a total honour. Plus the ladies who work for ELLE are always such sweethearts and an absolute dream to work with! (I swear it’s part of their job description to be such hunnies.)

If you feel like a peek here’s a little behind the scenes video shot by Laurens Hulshof.

The styling of the story focused on safari chic, roughed up headbands, dainty gold jewels and a collection of earthy hues and subtle prints. Sandra kept the hair and make-up on the natural side of things with no foundation and just a slight addition of bronzer and tasseled hair a.k.a Miss Kate Moss.

If there’s just one item I could keep from this shoot it would definitely go to the Celine dress below. The most incredible fit with beautiful cut-out back details.

Have a beautiful day my lovelies and remember to smile 🙂

photography: Carmen Kemmink
styling: Esther Coppoolse
hair & make-up: Sandra Govers
models: Emma Jane Menteath from M4 Models & Caitlin Lamb from Ice Models.

Emma (5) Emma (4) Emma (7) Emma (3) Emma (6) Emma (1)

Louis Vuitton x ELLE Finland

August 9, 2016

I’m not going to beat around the bush and pretend to be all coy and cool about the fact that I’m an ELLE cover girl… because it’s freaking awesome and I totally freaked out when I found out!

I’ve been modelling for just over seven years now (gosh how time flies) and I don’t think seeing yourself on a cover ever becomes normal. Or maybe I’m just a total nerd. Either way I’m so incredibly grateful to the team for making it possible.

On another note here’s me in the latest Finish ELLE acting all smooth and cool (well trying to…) in head-to-toe denim and a muscle car to die for.

ELLE Finland
Photographer: Jonas Lundqvist
Stylist: Sofia Oksanen
H&M: Miika Kemppainen
Model: Me, M4 Models

Shot 1_128 Shot 2_229 Shot 3_667 Shot 6_052 Shot 8_267 Shot 9_392

Weekly Inspiration

October 20, 2015


New York, New York: ELLE Brasil October 2015
model: Aline Weber
photographer: Gustavo Zylbersztajn
stylist: Marcell Maia
hair and make-up: Claudio Belizario

aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-02 aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-03 aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-04 aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-05 aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-07 aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-10 aline_weber-by-gustavo_zylbersztajn-elle_brazil-october-2015-11

ELLE Editorial: Seasoned Traveller

August 25, 2015

elf0915pg069 copy

I’m so excited to share my latest editorial with you, I’ve shot a lot during my 6 years as a model and this ELLE editorial for their September issue has to be one of my favourites of all time. I’m not really sure why, (besides the obviously fact that the photography, styling, hair and make up are beyond perfection) but I think it’s because of the the overall feeling the editorial makes me feel when I look at the images. I feel like I’m looking at some sort of Emma alter-ego, in a good way.

Traveling to Paris with the ELLE team was an absolute dream and I am forever grateful to everyone involved in making it happen, especially ELLE’s editor Emilie Gambade. We worked hard, we shopped and we ate like queens.

P.S don’t forget to get this month’s ELLE SA magazine to see the full story. ELLE interviews Kristina Bazan, one of the world’s most influential fashionistas,  about her dreams, goals, what inspires her and what she see’s for herself in the future.


elf0915pg070 copy elf0915pg071 copy elf0915pg072 copy elf0915pg073 copy elf0915pg074 copy elf0915pg075 copy elf0915pg076 copy elf0915pg077 copy elf0915pg078 copy elf0915pg079 copy

Photographer: Justin Polkey
Styling: Tarryn Oppel with Natalia Keet
Make Up: Elsa Durrens
Hair: Jonathan Dadoun
Model: Me, Outlaws Model Agency

Shot on location in Paris on the Printemps rooftop


Designed by Touhidul Islam