Friday Favs: Coconut & Lemon Bliss Balls

February 6, 2016


These bliss balls are so damn refreshing and tasty, contain healthy oils and is the perfect treat to help curb those sugar cravings.

– 2 cups shredded coconut and a little bit extra for the end
– 1/2 cup almonds
– 2-3 teaspoons rice malt syrup (vegans) or honey
– 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
– zest and juice of one organic lemon. (I prefer using organic lemons when I need zest.) 

– Pop all your ingredients into a food processor and blend.
– If the mixture isn’t sticking together add a lil more coconut oil.
– Roll into balls.
– And cover with the extra shredded coconut.
– Refrigerate for until firm.

Makes about 18 balls, 130 calories per ball.


Women’s Health Editorial: Underneath Your Clothes

May 5, 2015


My latest editorial for Women’s Health is all about what to wear underneath your clothing when training. From multi strap bras to high waisted briefs all while sticking to my favourite colour palette of monochrome with a touch of melange.

My must have item from this shoot is the Stella track top from adidas. (See above) The matching track pants aint bad either 😉

P.S Did anyone get up early on Sunday morning to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight? How darling is Pacman, he’s still the champion in my heart #TeamPacman all the way!


wh_001-2 wh_004-2 wh_006-2 wh_007-2 wh_005-2 wh_003-2

Photographer: Bettina Du Toit
Styling: Mari Groenewald
Hair & Make-up: Shahnaz Cola-Wrench
Model: Me, Outlaws Model Agency 

Giving Up: Dehydration

January 23, 2015


So I got this idea at the end of last year to give something up each month for the upcoming year, for example to give up gluten for one month or to give up alcohol for one month, that sort of thing.

So when January came around and the time came for me to give something up giving up dehydration seemed like a good place to start. I’m terrible at remembering to drink enough water during the day, I can go days without drinking any water and not notice so I decided that needed to stop asap.

So in order to give up dehydration that meant I had to drink the recommended daily allowance, which for us ladies isn’t 2 litres but rather 1,6 litres. It was all about finding a balance as too much water can be harmful, it dilutes your minerals and your body struggles to absorb any nutrients.

The benefits of drinking water daily are countless! We all know it’s good for us yet most of us still struggle with it. The improvements I’ve noticed with myself over the past month are:
– Weight loss
– No bloating
– Clear, smooth skin
– My dark circles under my eyes aren’t as dark
– Less tired
– Gives my muscles extra energy when I work out
– My focus and concentration levels have increased
– Less lower back pain

And this is just after a month of drinking 1,6-2 litres of water a day! Oh and by the way, it’s free!

Song of Style posted this flavoured water recipe on her blog a couple of months ago and I thought it would be the perfect inspiration to get you motivated and moving to drink more water if you not currently doing so.

What’s your water story? Do most of you struggle like I used to?

xxx EJ


Cucumber-Lime, Blueberry-Clementine, Strawberry-Mint and Lemon-Pineapple.


½ of a pineapple
1 Lemon
2 Lime
2 Clementine or Tangerine
1 container of Blueberries
1 container of Strawberries
1 Cucumber
1 bunch of Mint
1 bottle of Sparkling water
Couple trays of Ice (pre-made with filtered water)
Couple pitchers of filtered water
5 Mason jars or any glass cups
2 Empty ice trays
**Just so you know, I’m just demonstrating each recipe for one serving for each flavour  You can choose your pick and make a whole pitcher.

Don’t forget to wash your fruits and veggies!

song-of-style-strawberry-mint-ice-cubes song-of-style-blueberry-mint-ice-cubes

1. We’re going to freeze some blueberries with mint and strawberries with mint. Simply drop 4-6 blueberries in each tray slots and a couple of mint leaves as well. Cut the strawberries into thin slices and add a few in and mints as well. Fill the tray with water and freeze it for about 5 hours. 


2. Next cut the lemon, lime, clementine and the cucumber in very thin slices and keep them aside. 


3. Here’s how you cut a pineapple. First, place the pineapple on its’ side on the cutting board and remove the stalk right through the skin.  Cut the bottom of it too.  Stand the pineapple and cut the skin off of the sides from top to bottom in strips following its’ shape, sort of like a crescent.  Continue cutting strips all around. Make sure you get rid of the brown blotches.  Then from the same position, cut it in half or fours and remove the core. Finally, cut it in small bite sizes.

song-of-style-fruit-flavored-water song-of-style-blueberry-orange-flavored-water-2

4. Now, here is the fun part.  You will prepare the fruits in the glass before you add the water.  Going to start off with the blueberry-clementine so grab a mason jar. If you’re anything like me, you want it not only to taste great but look pretty, right? So here’s how you do it. First, drop a slice of clementine flat on the bottom of the jar. With a wooden spoon, slightly press down and give it a twist a few times to burst the flavours out. Then drop a couple of ice cubes that we made in the jar and one by one, slide in each slices of clementine all around against the wall. The ice will support and keep in place the slices from falling forward or floating around.  Add a handful of blueberries and keep it in the fridge for now.

song-of-style-strawberry-ice-cubes-blueberry-ice-cubes song-of-style-pineapple-lemon-flavored-water song-of-style-lemon-pineapple-flavored-water

5. Lemon-Pineapple.  Same way, you will drop a slice of lemon flat down on the bottom of the jar and release some flavors and again sliding the lemons all around the jar. Add a few pineapples and put aside as well.


6. Next running up is the Cucumber-Lime. Repeat the same steps using the lime. With this one, I added a long thin strip of cucumber right above the lime. 


7. Last but never the least, Strawberry Mint. For this one. I simply chopped the strawberries in halves and took a good amount of mint leaves and dropped it in the cup. SOO easy right?


Happy hydration!!!

Curbing the Cravings with Sinless Date Balls

January 14, 2015

photo 5

These gluten free, sugar free date balls are the bomb! I’ve recently cut out all forms of processed sugar and for those of you that know me you’ll know that I’m a complete sugar freak. If there’s cake around, I’ll eat it.

So I decided to make these simple, delicious date balls to help curb my sugar cravings. They make the perfect mid day snack to keep me going.

These date balls I made are pretty simple, only 4 ingredients, but one could get a lot more experimental with them. Say adding pistachios and orange zest or cinnamon and apple. Pretty much anything goes with these scrumptious little balls.

You gotta try them, it’ll literally take you 10min to whip up a batch. Who else loves this little guys as much as I do?


  • 2 cups seedless dates
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2/3 cup gluten free oats
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes
  • 1 tbs chai seeds
  • coconut flakes for sprinkling in the end

photo 3


1.) Blend the seedless dates until smooth.
2.) Once blended add water, gluten free oats and chai seeds. Mix thoroughly.
3.) Roll mixture into balls and coat with coconut flakes.
4.) Enjoy straight away or refrigerate for later.

How easy was that!


photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

Photos by me 🙂 


Designed by Touhidul Islam