April 11, 2017

Imagine a clothing collection created from recycled shoreline waste… well that’s exactly what H&M’s new Conscious 2017 Collection is all about. The entire collection is made from sustainable materials including BIONIC – a polyester made from recycled shoreline waste. The collection showcases how fashion can be mindful of the planet.

The collection embodies a sophistication that makes it easy to take the pieces from day to night – a light shimmer and a touch of sequins including an array of cocktail dresses to choose from.

Details such as fine embroidery and big cuff sleeves compliment the clothing. A favourite of mine is the tuxedo reimagined as lounge jacket made from an organic silk paired with a playful pair of trousers.

The collection launches worldwide on the 20th April and will be available in 160 stores and online. For my South African readers the collection will be available at the V&A Waterfront.

photography: Justin Polkey
styling & creative direction: Emma Jane Menteath

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SHADOW PLAY ft. the new H&M Studio SS17 Collection

February 24, 2017

Inspired by the passion and strength of ballet the new limited edition H&M Studio collection, which will launch in stores globally on the 2nd March, is full of trendy key looks and statement pieces for fashion lovers. Traditional tailoring techniques meet with the functionality and high-tech elements of sportswear in a fresh modern clash.

For the first time, H&M will close the gap between the retail calendar and runway calendar and bring customers a collection straight off the runway. The fashion show will be presented at Paris Fashion Week on the 1 March and will also include menswear for the first time.

“This is a collection about love, a positive message of hope and optimism. Knowledge of the past mixed with the energy of today creates a path to a new future,” says Pernilla Wohlfart, H&M’s design and creative director.

Today’s My Life in Pink editorial features some of my favourite teaser looks shot by Justin Polkey which will grace the runway at Paris Fashion Week next week Wednesday.

The womenswear collection will be available here in South Africa at Sandton from the 2nd March.

 H&M_Studio'17_card_01_361 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 H&M_Studio'17_card_01_468 Untitled-4 H&M_Studio'17_card_02_108 H&M_Studio'17_card_01_065

The Big Double Denim Debate

June 19, 2016

Thanks to the Ninties revival we are once again arguing a debate that stretches 20 years back, to Double D or not to Double D?

Personally twice as much denim is twice as nice. However in order not to look like Britney and Justin, circa early 2000’s, here’s some fashion tips to apply to your own denim style.

DON’T match washes.
DO find the perfect fit.
DO add modern accessories, like a pair of mules and a beautiful handbag.
DO fake the look with a blue tee if double denim is too much for you.
DONT try rocking a western inspired double denim look. Unless it’s Halloween.
DO add a little colour to your double denim look. Think pink lips or a pair of red heels.
DON’T overdo it, keep things simple.
DO distress your denim.

So do you dare to double denim?



Top: H&M Trend
Jeans: H&M Trend
Boots: H&M Studio (old collection)
Hat: Accessorize

Shot by Justin Polkey

Lady in Red

June 19, 2016

So first things first, maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t but I’ve been super quiet on the blog since the year started. Reason being that I wanted to design a whole new blog, and so I did! By the way what do you think of the brand new My Life in Pink? There’s still a bit of work that needs to be done but I was so excited I couldn’t wait another week! Myself and a friend of mine sat down in December and started the process, can you believe it took 6 months to perfect!?

It’s been an interesting 6 months of self reflection and I’ve decided I want to do a complete 180 and seriously change my life up, but I’ll go into more detail about that at a later stage.

I absolutely ADORE this latest look post Justin and I shot together here in London!? (Oh yes, for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, I’ve moved to London… but also more about that at a later stage…)

It’s been super dull and grey here in London (nothing new about that) and I felt like a punch of colour and vibrancy was in order. I’m a complete sucker for the H&M Studio and Trend collections! Both my low back bodysuit with adorable frill sleeves and pleated chiffon skirt are from the latest H&M trend collection. Of course I had to show off my latest “baby”… my new Gucci Dionysus! I took the plunge a few weeks ago and spoilt myself and have not regretted it for a second!

It’s so good to be back, and back with a clear mind and a set focus!


MLIP_H&M_Red_594MLIP_H&M_Red_574  MLIP_H&M_Red_730 MLIP_H&M_Red_693  MLIP_H&M_Red_652 MLIP_H&M_Red_862

Bodysuit: H&M Trend
Skirt: H&M Trend
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Mango
Necklace: Country Road

Shot by Justin Polkey

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