My Daily Make Up Essentials

May 16, 2014


A few of you have been asking me lately what foundation do I use to achieve such flawless skin, so today’s beauty post is dedicated to you ladies.

First and foremost make-up isn’t the first step to achieving flawless skin, that comes from within. Two weeks ago I wrote two posts about my beauty routine and skincare tips, (you can read those here and here.) I chatted about my skin battle I’ve had in the past and how I overcame it with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Before applying your make-up it’s important to prep your skin. I’ve been using NeoStrata facial cleanser and face cream lately and I’m loving it! Wash your face with cold water, excessively hot water will strip healthy natural oils from your skin too quickly. After that spend some time massaging/tapping your face cream into your skin, this helps improve circulation.

After I’ve applied my cream I apply a pea sized drop of MAC’s strobe cream. (Now this is the secret) Applying laminating cream to your skin under your foundation creates a healthy glow to the skin.

After that I apply my foundation, Giorgio Armani luminous silk  foundation. Honestly I have searched for a very long time for the perfect foundation and I finally discovered it on set one day. This foundation is the lightest foundation you’ll ever come across and it truly feels like silk on your skin. The best part is you don’t need to layer your skin in foundation. I use one tiny squirt and I cover my face and my neck. Remember to blend your foundation all the way down your jawline and neck, you don’t want to look like you wearing a mask.

One very sad thing though… this foundation isn’t available in South Africa 🙁 I usually ask friends of mine that are traveling to bring it back for me. It costs about £40 and lasts me months.

Next up I apply concealer to the needed areas. I use MAC studio finish concealer for any stubborn pimples and dark marks and MAC select cover-up for under my eyes. (Thanks Mom for my dark circles haha)

Once I’ve completed that I lightly dust my face using a powder brush with MAC’s prep and prime translucent powder. This just hides any additional shine in the wrong areas and helps set the make-up so that it will last all day.

I’m pale, like super pale, so my make-up routine would not be complete with a little blusher. I’ve been using Rimmel 001 Santa Rose for years now. Personally I prefer blushes that are more on the pinky side then the peachy side. Just depends on your skin tone.

Next, this may seem a little weird, I use Maybelinne Pearly Pearl lipstick as an additional highlighter on my cheekbones. I simply dab a bit on my finger tip and then tap my finger tip onto my cheekbones where I want definition.

Next I apply my amazing mascara, also a product I discovered on a shoot one day. Maybelinne Colossal Volume mascara… it’s the bomb!!! I make sure I apply my mascara to the very edges of my eyelashes, getting those little guys on the ends makes the biggest difference to the shape of your eyes. If you mess a little, no worry, nothing a q-tip can’t fix.

Lastly I apply LUSH Honey Trap lip balm to my lips. Hydrating my lips is important to me, especially with Winter on it’s way.

Daily beauty essentials .001

1.) NeoStrata facial cleanser and face cream from Skin Renewal.

2.) MAC strobe cream from MAC Cosmetics

3.) Giorgio Armani luminous silk  foundation from Selfridges 

4.) MAC select cover-up NW20 and MAC studio finish concealer NW20 both from MAC Cosmetics

5.) MAC prep and prime translucent powder from MAC Cosmetics

6.) Rimmel blusher from Clicks 

7.) Maybelinne Pearly Pearl lipstick from Clicks

8.) Maybelinne Colossal Volume mascara from Clicks

9.) LUSH Honey Trap lip balm R75 from LUSH

It’s important to look after your skin, I try not to wear make-up every day. I wear so much make up when I shoot my skin takes a toll. So on my off days I just wash my face, moisturise and apply a little mascara. (It is make up’s LBD after all ;)) I will then only wear my own make-up when I’m going out for a dinner or lunch or have an event to attend… and my skin loves me for it.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate, just leave a comment on the post.

Happy Friday and weekend,
xxx EJ


Designed by Touhidul Islam