Holiday Skincare Routine with Darphin

August 9, 2017

So I’ve just returned from the most magical two week vacation/road trip around Portugal. Everything was pretty last minute as I had to leave the UK for visa purposes but will fill you in on that a little later.

We started off in Lisbon then rented a car and drove down to the Algarve (my new favourite coastline) for cave adventures, surfing and sun tanning. After that we heading back up to Porto for a few days then back to Lisbon.

Traveling is a huge part of my life with all the shoots that happen abroad and keeping my skincare routine in check plays a huge role in my life.

We partnered with Darphin (one of my favourite French skincare brands) and Preen.Me VIP Program to try out some of their top products. I always test beauty products for a good two weeks before sharing the results with you guys as I am a firm believer in authenticity and quality and in true French style these Darphin products are an absolute win across are frontiers.

Darphin have also offered all my readers a 15% discount off any Darphin products till 30 September 2017 when you use the code liveparisian at checkout.

Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood

I’m a big fan of thick cleansing balms for washing away the days impurities and any stubborn make-up from shoots whilst leaving my skin nourished. The addition of rosewood and sage helped to purify and soften my skin after spending the day in the sun running around sight seeing or lazying on the beach. It also contains vitamins E & C which are for great anti-aging. (We can never start too soon with the anti-aging oils!)

Darphin_Casa-Mae_199 Darphin_Casa-Mae_183

Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum

It’s important that a serum not only hydrates but also prevents future water loss. Two squirts of this serum into your palms followed by a gentle tapping motion across your skin will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It also creates a protective barrier on your skin to ensure that it stays radiant throughout the day.

Casa-Mae_Day-9-swim_301 Casa-Mae_Day-9-swim_283

Hydraskin Light Gel Cream

I feel like this skincare range was made just for my summer vacations around Europe! Everything about it is nourishes and hydrating. I suffer from particularly dry skin so it’s great to be able to come in from a day of sun to a range of products that will help restore my skin’s moisture balance.

This Darphin moisturiser is incredibly light and non-oily and continues kiwi extracts which are rich in oligo-elements and vitamin C. As mentioned above vitamin C is an anti-aging property. Why? It has the ability to flight free radicals while revitalising the epidermis. (The outer layer of skin cells.)


Chamomile Aromatic Care

My favourite product from the range. Those who know me know I’m a huge fan of facial oils. Most people fear away from them thinking it’ll make their skin more oily, quite the opposite actually.

The subtle cocktail of chamomile, sandalwood, sage and lavender essential oils has a balancing (and calming) effect of the skin. Particularly irritated by relieving redness and blotchiness. Um, goodbye sunburn.


Revitalising Oil for Face, Body & Hair

The perfect 3-in-1 travel companion. A instantly nourishing, revitalising and glowing oil for your face, body and hair. It continues 9 plant oils, (argan, tamanu, jojoba, evening primrose, rose hip, sweet almond, sunflowers, apricot kernel and raspberry) 4 essential oils (rosewood, lavender, geranium and ylang yang) and 2 aromatic oils! (vanilla and jasmine)

Add a little to your hair after you’ve washed it to help strengthen your hair and reduce breakage.

It’s luxury in a bottle that’s small enough to fit into your carry on bag and join you on your summer adventures. This one’s definitely joining me in Croatia next week.

Darphin_Casa-Mae_211 Darphin_Casa-Mae_258

*Images by myself and Justin Polkey shot on location at Casa Mãe.


Designed by Touhidul Islam