Magnify Your Sexy with Michael Kors

November 1, 2017

The launch for the new Michael Kors fragrance, Sexy Ruby, took place in London over two days a few weeks back and was a launch fit for a queen.

The new fragrance from Michael Kors is inspired by the unique link between seduction, strength and glamour.

Sexy Ruby is the story of strong women. Women who know what they want and go after it.” says Michael Kors. 

A sensual fragrance in a perfectly red-faceted cut gem with top notes of raspberry, apricot with dry notes of cashmere wood and vanilla bean. The perfect balance between Sexy and Ruby that entices you to Magnify Your Sexy.

Sexy-Ruby_Capture_170 Sexy-Ruby_Capture_161 Untitled-2 Scan-31 Sexy-Ruby_Capture_263 Untitled-1 Sexy-Ruby_Capture_101 Scan-35 sexyruby01

Day one we were treated to a VIP experience of the London Eye and a welcome dinner at the exquisite Park Chinois in Mayfair with live entertainment and delicious Asian tapas.

Day two was just as fabulous with a private tour of the Crown Jewels before they opened to the public followed by a curated tour of the Tate Modern focuses on powerful pieces of artwork done by incredible women throughout history.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Sexy-Ruby_Capture_293 Untitled-6 Sexy-Ruby_Capture_322

The afternoon followed with high tea at one of my favourites tea spots in London, Claridges, with MK muses Edita, Serayah, Martha, and Soo Joo in their private dining room. (No photos were allowed sadly.)

However the highlight of the two day launch was the cocktail party hosted that night at the Tate Modern. A minimalistic concert space transformed with hundreds of hanging wisteria, neon lights and velvet sofas that played true homage to the new fragrance being celebrated.

SooJoo35mm Untitled-3 Scan-10

Shoutout to Michael Kors for hosting an amazing two day experience in London in honour of their new fragrance Sexy Ruby. Where fantasy meets femininity and a women is her sexiest. Magnify Your Sexy!

p.s if fruity, woody scents is your vibe make sure to check out the new fragrance next time you in store.


JW Anderson x UNIQLO puffer jacket
JW Anderson x UNIQLO striped knit
ACNE Studios trousers
Zara boots
Celine handbag
Le Spec sunglasses

Mango blouse
Mango pink trousers
Zara boots
Gucci handbag
Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Witchery knit
Witchery high waisted trousers
Zara blazer
Gucci loafers
Chanel handbag

*All photos taken by myself and Justin Polkey 


Wonderlust with Michael Kors

June 28, 2017

Wanderlust – “a strong desire to travel.”

If you anything like me you spend a lot of your time scrolling through your insta feeds and pinterest boards saving imagery of sun kissed faces and palm lined streets while the burning desire to travel is ignited inside of you. A sense of wanderlust.

We teamed up with Michael Kors a few weeks back to explore their new fragrance Wonderlust by Michael Kors. A blend of luxurious blossoms mingle with delectably spiced notes in this oriental floral gourmand. The fragrance begins with the freshness of Italian bergamot and a tantalizing pop of pink pepper, soothed by the refined gourmand of almond milk. Think vanilla meets sandalwood.

Wonderlust is an infinite desire for adventure, romance, and discovery,” says Michael Kors. “It’s for the woman with the curiosity and passion to trust in herself and follow her heart.”

We captured the fragrance, and all that it stands for (adventure, romance and discovery), at some of my favourite hideaway wanderlust locations in and around Cape Town while embracing the African sun and it’s diverse range of terrains.

In the words of one of my favourite authors, J. R. R. Tolkien “Not all those who wander are lost”.

art direction & styling: Myself
photography: Justin Polkey

Purchase the Wonderlust fragrance here.

Michael-Kors_1077 mkwonderlust02 Michael-Kors_1496 Michael-Kors_1265mkwonderlust04  mkwonderlust11 Michael-Kors_1052 mkwonderlust12

Babylonstoren is my favourite place to visit in Cape Town and it’s surrounding areas. Spending time walking around the fruitful gardens smelling flowers and wadding my feet in the splash pool is a total destress after a long week.

With something for everyone it’s the perfect ‘Wonderlust’ destination – from wine tasting and farm to table dining or for something more simple stop by their farm stall to purchase some baked breads, matured cheese and fresh fruit and opt for a picnic around the garden.

p.s make sure you visit the cycad garden!

Look 1:

Dress – Michael Kors
Slides – Zara
Hat – Babylonstoren
Basket – Cotton On

Michael-Kors_0385 mkwonderlust03 mkwonderlust07 Michael-Kors_0287 mkwonderlust01 mkwonderlust06

What’s more picturesque then a still ocean, palm trees, summer sun and one of the world’s natural wonders? This little slice of heaven is one of my hideaway gems in Cape Town. Right between two popular beaches you’ll find a tiny beach just big enough to fit a few people.

During the Summer months I pop by almost everyday for a quick dip in the ocean either before work or in the evening as traffic starts to settle. You’ll find me lying on a rock soaking up the last rays of sunshine while reading my book and snacking on oranges or watermelon.

It’s la dolce vita all right.

Look 2:

Costume – ASOS
Denims – Topshop
Sandals – Nomadic State of Mind via Urban Outfitters
String Bag – MASH Boutique
Necklace – Michael Kors
Watch – Michael Kors
Scarf – The Lot

Michael-Kors_0992 mkwonderlust08

I like to think of myself as a book worm, it’s not that I read a book a week but I definitely get through enough each year to call myself a bookworm. (20-30 books a year) Books evoke a sense of discovery and adventure and at times, when jumping on a plane isn’t an option, retreating to my favourite holiday classic always comes in handy.

I just recently finished reading Fates and Furies and The Handmaid’s Tale which were both exceptional in their own ways. Any suggestions please send them my way – I’m about to start reading the Essex Serpent which I am truly excited about.

p.s if you looking for a delicious and healthy lunch or breakfast option in the Mother City look no further then Skinny Leg’s and All. One of my favourite foodie spots.

Look 3:

Blouse – Michael Kors
Shorts – Witchery
Sandals – Bought at a little store in Greece
Watch – Michael Kors
Bag – Michael Kors

mkwonderlust05 Michael-Kors_0090 mkwonderlust10 mkwonderlust09

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

Look 4:

Dress – Michael Kors
Hat – H&M
Shoes – Mr Price
Backpack – Michael Kors
Glasses – Mango

*Shot in collaboration with Michael Kors. All views and opinions are my own. 

That Michael Kors Flare

August 24, 2015

DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _284 copy

One thing I’ve always loved about Michael Kors is how his designs are unfussy yet opulent, one can not help but feel glamorous in a Kors design.

Running around in the streets of Paris in this mini dress with bell sleeves threw me back to the thirties with Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris soundtrack running through my head.

On another note this is My Life in Pink’s 100th look post! Honestly when I started My Life in Pink in March 2014 I had no idea it was something I was going to love doing so much and that it would still be active a year and a half from now. I would never have come this far without my partner, Justin Polkey, not only has he beautifully shot 100 look posts for me but he’s been a constant rock in my life. Pushing me when I needed pushing and consoling me when I needed a hug. Without him My Life in Pink would not be here. So thank you my super photographer… and thank you to all my readers for your constant support and love, you guys keep me motivated and often remind me of why I started My Life in Pink in the first place.

Love you all!


DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _420 copy DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _389 copy DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _251 copy DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _516 copy DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _244 copy DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _343 copy DamernasVärld_Michael_Kors _199 copy

Full look Michael Kors

Photos by Justin Polkey

Office Elegance

June 19, 2014

Dressing your way to success is no lie. `

I remember when I first started modelling I was told by one of my European agencies that I would have to go out and purchase myself a $2000 dollar handbag if I was to be taken seriously within the industry, clients would automatically sit up and take notice with a Prada or Louis Vuitton on my arm.

In a business world that is predominately male orientated dressing the part has never been more important. Not only does it A.) Make people take you more seriously but B.) It makes you take yourself more seriously.

Dressing the part is not about how you end up ‘looking” but how it makes you “feel”. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing, say a watch or a set of matching underwear that makes you feel fantastic and confident. If we dress confidently we automatically feel confident.

Here’s some tips for dressing for the office:

  • Mix expensive pieces with bargain pieces. Don’t stress about wearing a top to toe designer look.
  • When you try something on picture yourself wearing it at work. Does it make you feel confident?
  • If in doubt? Wear black! My fav colour. No matter how cheap the item is, it always looks expensive. It’s classic and elegant. Plus if you wear it three days a week no one would really notice.
  • Google or flip through magazines to find some inspo before heading to the shops. This way you have a strong, clear idea of what you want.
  • Update your wardrobe every season by buying two or three extra pieces. Then mix it up with your old pieces to save money.

Remember “fashion is what you buy… style is how you wear it”

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9830 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9903 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9960 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9734 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_0085 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9801 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9783 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9754_new MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_0111 copy

Shirt: Woolworths
Skirt: Woolworths
Blazer: Trenery
Boots: Aldo
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring: Gift

Photos by Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam