WILD with French Gala

July 14, 2016

There’s nothing that quite compares to taking a walk on the wild side… and I literally mean “the wild side”.

I’ve had some pretty interesting shoots as a model over the past seven years but working with wild animals always tops the list. Riding Zebra’s, racing cheetahs, catching the breeze with eagles, walking with elephants and hanging out with Lions.

There’s a level of respect that you develop and knowledge that you gain when working in such close proximity to such powerful creatures and you realise how volatile our world truly is and the importance of preserving what and who we’ve been blessed with to share our incredible planet.

We tend to take a lot of things in our life for granted and it’s for that very reason that I have always kept a gratitude diary where every couple of days or so I write down a few things that I am grateful for. Be it the dinner my mother prepared for me or the fact that I have running water when I turn on the taps.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.


WILD // French Gala
Photographer: Adrian Nakic
Stylist: Charla Carter
H&M: June Sawyer
Model: Me, Outlaws Models

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January 13, 2016

bdt_006_342 bdt_006_340 Untitled-2 bdt_006_343 bdt_006_337 Untitled-3

Hair & Make-Up: Alice Coloriti


April 30, 2015


My latest swimwear shoot with Conleys Germany is now out and boy, was this one tough shoot!

It may not look like it in these pics but there was a 65 kilometre wind howling that day and it was ice cold. To top things off I was suffering with quite serve bronchitis that was on the verge of pneumonia while posing on a pile of dried up seaweed that left me covered in flea bites and scratches.

However, I love how the images turned out. Alex you a star!



Photograher: Alex Trommlitz
Styling & Art Direction: Leonie Gerner
Hair & Make-up: Manuela Kopp
Model: Me from Outlaws Model Agency, Cape Town

New Editorial Work: Damernas Värld

March 17, 2015

Emma (2)

My Life in Pink is back online! Yay! Reason for my silence the past couple of weeks? My laptop and my blog was hacked… yes hacked! Can you believe it? When I originally contacted WordPress about it there was talk that I might have to delete my blog and start from scratch, oh the tears. However the worst was avoided and now everything is back to normal. Little piece of advice fellow bloggers: BACK UP YOUR BLOG! I didn’t even know it was possible to back up your site, I naturally assumed since it’s online  that counts as a backup but no, alas it doesn’t. Any who, moving on from the past…

I’ve got such a back log of posts for you guys, so please bare with me for the next two weeks or so.

This denim story is probably one of my favourite editorials I’ve shot to date. Besides from the fact that I’m denim obsessed I love the cleanliness of absolute everything. How come the Scandinavians get it so right all the time?


Emma (5)

Emma (1)

Emma (7)

Emma (8)

Emma (9)-2

Emma (4)

Emma (3)

Emma (6)

Photographer: Dennis Stenild
Stylist: Fia Tegner
Hair & Make Up: Janine Pritschow
Model: Emma Jane Menteath, M4 Models Germany 


Designed by Touhidul Islam