Timeless Elegance with Lowndes London

May 18, 2018

My mind is a complete hot mess today! I’ve been a total manic running from point A to point B today leaving my phone here, my sunglasses there. I guess that’s what 2 hours sleep does to you. Been suffering from insomnia lately and it’s playing havoc on my day to day routines. You forget how important sleep is until you deprived of it.

On another note here’s our latest collaboration with contemporary fashion jewellery brand Lowndes London – who I had the pleasure of shooting one of their previous campaigns a few seasons back – and their timeless rose gold Georgiana collection. “Named after Lowndes Square in Belgravia, one of the city’s most fashionable addresses, the brand is partly informed by the rich history of London’s High Society. Stories of opulence, wild eccentricity, scandal and whimsy underpin ‘Inspired by London’s forgotten past and hidden present’ – the brand positioning developed by Yang Rutherford.”

The Georgiana collection  is inspired by Lady Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, herself – a modern women for her era who captured the hearts of the women in the 18th century with her vivacious character. As the story goes “she gambled, she danced and she flirted in a way that few would dare.”

The designs, however modern they are, remind me of something timeless I would find on my grandmothers dresser and was thus inspired to reach into the eighties for styling inspiration for our shoot. High waisted trousers, power shoulders and leather gloves, reminding me of those powerful and elegant women I have seen while flipping through older issues of Vogue magazine.


Creative & Styling: Emma Jane Menteath
Photography: Justin Polkey

Lowndes London Georgiana rose gold necklace
Lowndes London Georgiana rose gold earrings
H&M polo neck
Zara houndstooth blazer
Celine clasp bag
I Am Trend Riri sunglasses
M&S kitten heels
Witchery belt
Vintage leather gloves

*Shot in collaboration with Lowndes London.  All views and opinions are my own.






The Two Must Try Shoe Styles This Winter

April 6, 2018

I must say I was a little sad when the season began to change here in Cape Town, I mean who doesn’t want a 12 month long beach season, but the chiller evenings combined with oversized sweaters and red wine have definitely started convincing me that a change of season isn’t all bad but rather something to be welcomed and enjoyed. As a good friend of mine always reminds me “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.”

Which brings me to the mention of my new footgear – the Baylith boots – black, slick and uber comfortable.  Forget the classic ankle boot, the true trend this fall is a pair of chunky and flat military-inspired boots. Think 80’s Berlin.

Paired perfectly with my favourite winter garment – an oversized mohair sweater (there’s nothing cosier) – a pair of cords and my new Thalia Strates sheep skin handbag strap. Even my bag gets to dress up this fall.

H&M Trend mohair sweater
AG jeans high waisted black cords
Call It Spring Baylith boots
Thalia Strates bucket bag with additional sheep skin strap
Urban Outfitters tinted aviators

Something that’s a little more transeasonal that I can never get enough of is a matching suit. This one I got for a steal when I was traveling through Barcelona last year. They the easiest clothing items to play around with. Dress em up with heels and a sexy lace bra underneath for a night out or keep it cool by playing around with layers – such as a logo tee (pictured below) or perhaps a turtle neck for a chilly evening out.

Flatforms – anyone tried them? I love the instant ‘jazz‘ they add to any look, think nineties Spice Girls. Despite their ugly undertones, flatforms are surprisingly versatile and of course, lend you a couple of extra inches which never hurt anyone.

Don’t trust me, take your cue from Gucci, Prada and Stella McCartney.

IDEA Winona tee via Dover Street Market
El Corte Inglés suit 
Call It Spring flatforms
I Am Trend sunglasses
Galerie Lafayette beret
Lucy Williams x Missoma mini fang necklace

*Shot in collaboration with Call It Spring.  All views and opinions are my own.

Styling & Creative 
Emma Jane Menteath

Justin Polkey 

Bless Your Cotton Socks

October 16, 2017

“Bless your cotton socks.”
1. Used as an expression of endearment
‘you’re so sweet, bless your little cotton socks’

And endearment is exactly what I feel about Falke’s range of elegant mercerised cotton socks. Comfort is key when it comes to these little bundles of cotton and after two years of only wearing Falke I have yet to get a hole in any of my socks. (Touch wood!)

Available in a range of colours and various patterns there’s something for every outfit for the week. Think Alicia Silverstone in Clueless – block heels, pulled up socks & a mini skirt or keep things simple with denims and a pair of sneakers.

Photography: Justin Polkey
Creative direction & styling: Emma Jane Menteath

MLIP+Falke_09_socks_1947 MLIP+Falke_09_socks_2018 MLIP+Falke_09_socks_968 MLIP+Falke_09_socks_1091 MLIP+Falke_09_socks_1023 MLIP+Falke_09_socks_1973 MLIP+Falke_09_socks_1901

* In collaboration with Falke. All views and opinions are my own. 

Sailing in Spetses

July 12, 2017

It’s pretty difficult to choose a favourite Greek island on our sailing trip but if I had to commit to just one I would have to say that Spetses takes first place.

The mix of pine and salt water in the air, your hair and on your skin while cruising around on a scooter is pretty hard to beat. There’s an absence of private vehicles on Spetses which leaves the roads free for walking, horse-draw carts and scooters.

Just to fill you in on all the details (as I’ve yet to do so) we booked our Greek sailing cruise through a company called MedSailors and is by far the best holiday I’ve ever been on, so much so I booked sailing cruise in Croatia this year with MedSailors too.

The yachts are pretty simple, nothing overly fancy, but meets all your basic needs. We upgraded our trip to the premier plus yachts which was totally worth the extra payment. They premier yachts are slightly more spacious and more modern with a sleek design. We booked our trip early and got a discounted early bird special. I’ve also heard (but I can not say for sure) that if you with certain medical aid groups you can receive an additional discount too.

Each morning we would set sail for the next island on our week long journey around 8am, our skipper Sam would then sail for an hour or two till he found a decent spot to anchor off for breakfast. Sam was an amazing skipper and I cannot praise him enough. He cooked and served us delicious meals throughout the trip, put up with our silly games (Capture The Flag…) and always ensured a calm energy on the boat.

Breakfast consisted of real greek yogurt, muesli, fruit and freshly baked bread and spreads. One thing’s for sure, you have not had proper yogurt till you’ve tried real Greek yogurt, It’s so creamy and thick, I became obsessed! After breakfast we would stop for a swim, some paddle boarding or maybe a little scuba diving (though sadly, there’s hardly any fish in the Greek ocean’s anymore). I usually spent my mornings between diving into the ocean and reading my book. Lunch was a similar vibe, we would anchor off somewhere and Sam would cook us some light tapas before docking our yacht at the island harbour.

You then had a choice of either sticking with the group or venturing out by yourself to explore the island. Spetses was incredible! Sailing into the harbour and seeing such clear blue water still feels so dreamy.

We hitched a lift on the back on a quad into town to rent some scooters for ourselves. There’s very few things in this world that beat the feeling of cruising around on a scooter with the sun beating down on your back and the strong smell of pine and cedar in the air while exploring totally unknown territory.

Every now and then we would spot a sign for a beach bar and would veer off the road and order back to back Aperol Spritz’s before getting back on the scooter.

One of our stops was the ‘famous’ Bekiri Cave. It’s a short hike from the beach club and suddenly you in complete darkness trying to figure out which way is up and which way is down all while the waves are crushing against you.

We spent the rest of our day cruising around the entire island of Spetses before stumbling upon Patralis Psarotaverna for the best mussels I’ve ever eaten alongside some grilled octopus. I mean seriously, who can resist dripping freshly baked bread into a creamy white wine and garlic sauce?

We returned our scooters and slowly made our way back to the yacht while watching the sun go down and stopping every 30min or so for a glass of vino or Aperol Spritz at a nearby restaurant.

Summer nights in June/July are incredibly warm and most nights I fell asleep on the deck in the hammock whilst star gazing. I always wondered what a pirates life was like, now I think I kind of know…

Next stop… Hydra.


Rent a scooter and just keep cruising.
We rented our scooters from a place called Nautilus. They were so friendly and helpful and sorted out all the paperwork in about 5 minutes flat.

Visit Bekiri Cave if you not afraid of small dark spaces.

Drink all the Aperol Spritz you can manage!

Try the creamy mussels at Patralis Psarotaverna

Walk through the town square.

Spetses has a couple museums too but I preferred to just spend my time outdoors near the sea and cruising along the hilltops.

MLIP_Day-3_1184 MLIP_Day-3_1146 Spetses07 Spetses01 Spetses05 MLIP_Day-3_1260 Spetses04 MLIP_Day-3_1118 Spetses06 Spetses03 Spetses02


White Bikini – Violet Lake
Denim Shorts – Cotton On
White Blouse – Mango
Brown Espadrilles – H&M
Sunglasses – Ray Ban via Sunglass Hut
Stripped Bikini – H&M
Black Swimsuit – Violet Lake

All photo’s taken by myself & Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam