Lone Shore

February 3, 2016

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Cape Town’s endless Summer heatwave these past few weeks had me stripping down to the bare necessities and many lone walks down by the shore.

Dewy complexions, tanned skin tones and beachy hair… no need to say anything more.


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Dress: Witchery
Necklace: Topshop
Bikini: H&M

Photos by Justin Polkey

Denim Connects

April 21, 2015

MLIP_MrPDenim_shot 01_238 copy

I’m so excited to be apart of the new MRP campaign that officially launched yesterday. Been dying to share these images with you.

MRP decided they wanted local creatives and influencers to create and share our own denim story through imagery and video and what connects us to one of the worlds most iconic fabrics.

Justin and I played around with a couple of ideas and eventually decided we wanted to create a short narrative film about the freedom of denim but what we ended up creating was a lot more beautiful.

He had to location recce this beautiful beach up on the West Coast one afternoon and I just happened to be wearing my fav denim overalls from MRP. I started rolling around in the sand and he just started shooting. No fancy hair or make-up, no planned creative concept, we just jumped in and went with the moment.

What we ended up capturing was so raw, real and true and the exact message I wanted to portray: “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self  here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.”

Make sure to check out the full campaign on the MRP site and also let us know what you think of our story.


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Dungarees: Mr Price

Photographers by Justin Polkey



August 8, 2014

“May your memories linger long after your footprints in the sand have gone” 

Today’s look post is a little bit of a throwback, we shot this just before I left South Africa in July, it’s from our holiday in Yzerfontein.

Whenever I spend time down by the seaside I find myself in a state of reflection and day dreaming. I reflect my past and daydream my future as I listen and watch the waves crashing onto the shore.

I received a really beautiful message from someone very dear to me, it was too beautiful not to share:

“Life is a story that we manage with our thoughts. It’s really easy to loose confidence if those thoughts attack us and don’t support us. Thoughts are the most powerful tool we have! Trusting ONESELF can get lost very easily- but when we look back on what we have already overcome, we are often even a bit impressed with how strong we are.”

The above is so true, we do often loose track of what we have already achieved in life. It’s important to take moments in our busy lives to breathe and reflect on our achievements. Otherwise we’ll just end up going crazy.

So this weekend, find a place you feel relaxed in and take a moment to reflect. Think it, speak it or write it down, whatever works for you… but do it. It’s the perfect way to start a new week on a positive note.

xxx EJ

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Top: Woolworths
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Mr Price
Sunglasses: Ray-ban from Sunglasses Hut
Necklace: Little kiosk at the V&A Waterfront
Rings: Family heirlooms

Photos by Justin Polkey


October 27, 2013


So with Summer right around the corner here in South Africa, I decided to do a post about “My Beach Must Haves”. As you can tell by the collage above blue and yellow are this year’s season colours for me personally. I love the combo, the blue reminds me of the sky and the water and the yellow reminds me of the sand and sun. What are your beach essentials this Summer? Let me know.

xxx EJ

1. Seafolly Bella Rose set, bottoms AUD$69.95, top AUD$99.95 from Seafolly. How cute is this bikini?! I love the material, if you not a fan of the high waisted bikini bottoms they sell cute little bikini briefs too. Available online or try ask the South African store for stock.

2. The Fault in our Stars by John Green, R180 from Exclusive Books . I recently finished reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. It was a beautifully written book filled with amazing quotes and lessons. I was advised by many to read Green’s The Fault in our Stars next so that is way it has made it’s way into my “beach must haves”.

3.) Vichy sun and milk lotion factor 30, R290 from Clicks. This is the best sun lotion I have ever used! I can spend hours in the sun and not burn with this lotion. It also smells amazing, like milk and honey. Not only that, it also applies well, no sticky residue or feeling left on the skin.

4.) Beach bag, £90 from Lacoste. I have not been able to find this bag in South Africa yet, but it is available for online purchase from the online Lacoste store.

5.) Country Road beach towel, R299 from Country Road Woolworths. I bought this towel last Summer and my favourite thing about Country Road towels are that they are huge! You can fit two people on them easily. The little tassles at the bottom are a cute effect too.

6.) Avene Thermal hydrating mist, $11.50 from Avene. If you can not find this product here in South Africa you can find the Evian hydrating mist in most local drugstores/pharmacies.

7.) Viti Coco, R20 from Wellness Warehouse. It’s important to stay hydrated when out and about in the Summer sun.

8.) Umbrella, I have no idea where this umbrella comes from or how much it would cost. I just stumbled upon it online. I wish I knew where it came from as it matches my towel perfectly.

9.) Rayban sunglasses, R2990 from Sunglasses Hut. These sunnies are my ultimate Summer must-haves!


Designed by Touhidul Islam