NYC Restaurant Week: My Top Five Picks

September 12, 2014

For those of you that know me you’ll know that I am a complete food freak… a foodie. I love eating food, taking pictures of food, talking about food and creating memories over food.

I love how food brings people together and the joy and smiles left on peoples faces after a delicious meal. The breaking of bread and the sharing of wine.

So when I discovered NYC Restaurant Week while reading an advertisement in an elevator I nearly died. I pulled my phone out of my bag so fast that half my bag’s contents came out with it too. I needed to Google this God sent message and make sure it was real!

“New York Restaurant Week is an event held twice a year in which participating restaurants in New York City offer prix fixe lunches and dinners. At the finest restaurants, this can be a fraction of the usual prices. The event is held in early winter (January/February) and summer (July/August).”

Needless to say at $25.00 for a three course meal I was out trying as many NY foodie hot spots as I possibly could in one week. I was in Heaven. Below are some of my favourite spots I discovered…

The Spice Market, Meatpacking:
Situated in the middle of the Meatpacking district this remarkable place serves Southeast Asian street food with a  twist. Amazing decor and an vibey atmosphere practically 24/7 it’s a definite must try. My favourite dishes were the spicy chicken rice balls with tamarind dipping sauce and the udon noodles with garlic, chilli and vegetables.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 large photo 5

Fig & Olive, Meatpacking:
If you looking for a place to cool down from the hot and humid New York heat and enjoy a decent glass of vino along with fresh Mediterranean food Fig & Olive is the spot for you. Not a beat is skipped on the quality of ingredients sourced and used for each dish. No dish will let you down but I highly suggest you try the truffle mushroom croquettes.

photo 1 photo 5 photo 2 P1000089_2 large photo 4 photo 2-1

Hangawi, Midtown:
Finally, a vegan restaurant where meat eaters won’t feel deprived. Each dish explodes with originality and tantalises the tastebuds. I simply love how you have to take you shoes off as you enter the restaurant. My firm favourites were by far the cold black sesame porridge and the stuffed shiitake mushrooms with almond cinnamon sauce. They also have an amazing selection of unique tasting teas.

photo 1 Untitled-1 no white large photo 4 kristina.bazan_.newyork.-008

Sushi Samba, Soho:
“A unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine” if that’s not enough to hook you then maybe the Kuromitsu glazed pork belly lettuce wraps will. For those of you that are avid Sex in the City fans, such as myself, you may recognise this place at the restaurant where Samantha throws a dirty Martini in Richard’s face and rather calmly says “Dirty martini, dirty bastard.”

photo 1 copy photo 4 photo 5 P1000089_2 copy large Untitled-1 large

Nobu Next Door, Tribeca:
Nobu Next Door is an extension of the original Nobu and caters for spontaneous diners by offering a first come, first serve table seating from 7pm till 9pm. Nobu needs no introduction amongst foodies, every dish will leave you smiling and highly satisfied. My recommended dish? The black cob miso… yum!

art4_031 nobu next door foo1 Steven Freeman  NOBU Signature Dish - Black Cod Saikyo Yaki with sweet miso

Oh So Soho

August 11, 2014

I love shopping in Soho there’s something slightly unsettling for me whenever I pass 14th street in NYC. The sidewalks become overcrowded, taxi’s are continuously hooting and the smell of garbage fills the air.

Soho on the other hand is still busy but not overcrowded, the stores are smaller, the smell of cupcakes fills the air and your chances of stumbling upon a stylish boutique or cute cafe are high.

So on Saturday we did just that, strolled though Soho, stopped at a bakery and did a little shopping.

My big floppy hat from Witchery has been a life saver here in NY, I’m on the streets all day every day and the sun is pretty intense. It’s definitely a city where the hat-a-day policy applies.

Not only that, but teamed up with a pair of distressed denims and a monochrome look one cannot go wrong. Simple and understated yet chic, a perfect on-the-go kinda outfit.

p.s if you currently lusting over the latest Celine trapeze handbags but can’t afford one try Colette Hayman. (The one I have in the post below) It’s looks practically the same for a 50th of the price!

xxx EJ

IMG_4535 copy IMG_4496 IMG_4576 copy IMG_4827 copy IMG_4915 copy IMG_4897 copy IMG_4505 copy IMG_4729 copy Large IMG_4628 copy IMG_4436 copy IMG_4552 copy IMG_4884 copy IMG_4993 copy

Top: Mango
Gillet: Mango 
Jeans: Zara
Hat: Witchery
Shoes: Zara
Handbag: Colette Hayman 
Necklace: Woolworths

Photos by Justin Polkey 


Designed by Touhidul Islam