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October 5, 2015

adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_819 copy

Do you ever try on a pair of shoes and immediately you feel like you walking on clouds? And every step you take feels like you almost floating? Well that’s exactly what these babies from adidas made me feel like. Floating… clouds… heaven for my feet.

adidas have just launched their new line of trainers  – the Tubular X series – “a vision of the future created from abstractive, collective memories of adidas archives”.

Moulded soles, neutral colour-ways and a back to the future kinda feeling. A pair of trainers that can match pretty much anything in your wardrobe and let’s not forget that it comes in a knitted version too… I mean what’s not to love.


adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_807 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_826 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_758 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_952 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_770 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_829 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_905 copy copy

Trainers: adidas Tubular Runner W
Shirt: OAK
Shorts: H&M
Hat: adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Berlin Wall

September 17, 2015

MLIP_Berlin wall_241 copy

I’ve always wanted to visit The Berlin Wall ever since I first watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall film as a little girl. Rodger Waters, along with David Lynch, has to be my favourite creative of all time.

The East Side Gallery, where we shot this look post, is a 1,3km international memorial for freedom that was established in 1990. The East Side Gallery is still the only authentic monument of reunification in the last 20 years.

Apart from Pink Floyd’s The Wall design (who I can’t seem to find out who actually painted it) I love Christine Kühn’s Touch the Wall with all the blue handprints.

Have any of you visited the Berlin Wall and if so which design was your favourite?


MLIP_Berlin wall_175 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_339 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_153 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_040 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_034 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_001 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_362 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_263 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_193 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_208 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_105 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_162 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_268 copy MLIP_Berlin wall_003 copy

Underwear: Calvin Klein
Dungarees: G-Star Raw
Sneakers: adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey

#mycalvins Denim Series

May 22, 2015

Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1571 copy

Calvin Klein Jeans new logo-driven #mycalvins Denim Series has just launched in South Africa. A collection of jeans, cropped tops and fleecy shorts – sporty minimalism at it’s best – all inspired by a social media campaign… #mycalvins.

It’s the perfect laid back urban streetwear that allows me to embrace my inner tomboy.


P.S You can shop the collection at the Calvin Klein store at the V&A  Waterfront. Hurry though, it is a limited edition.

Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1555 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1600 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1493 copy-1 Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1395 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1377 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1487 copy-1 Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1528 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1422 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1317 copy Alan_#mycalvins_DenimSeries_1708 copy

Hoodie: Calvin Klein Jeans #mycalvins
Dungarees: Calvin Klein Jeans #mycalvins
Sneakers: Nike
Ear cuff: Zara

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Downtown with Calvin Klein

April 26, 2015

Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0279 copy

This past week has been a complete whirlwind of meetings, TV shows, shooting, a quick two day trip to Jozi and the start of a secret project I’ll be launching soon. Why does everything always have to happen at once?

Owing a decent backpack is always a must, especially for those days when you constantly on the move. Whenever I go overseas for modelling one of the first things that gets packed into my luggage is a trusty, black backpack. One that is big enough to hold my portfolio, a pair of heels, a water bottle, some snacks and all my other handbag bits n bobs. Walking around London/New York from 8am till 8pm with a handbag over one shoulder is not only uncomfortable but also causes damage to your back. The same goes for when you site seeing.

Calvin Klein at the V&A Waterfront have special offer on this weekend where you can get R500 of the purchase of any handbag or backpack for women or men. So if you in a shopping kind of mood you know where to go…


Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0104 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0073 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0177B&W Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0261 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0052 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0111 copy Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0030B&W Kelvin Kllien Bag_shot 01_0096 copy

Jumper: Calvin Klein Jeans
Pants: Calvin Kelin
Backpack: Calvin Klein Jeans
Shoes: Nike

Photos by Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam