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October 5, 2015

adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_819 copy

Do you ever try on a pair of shoes and immediately you feel like you walking on clouds? And every step you take feels like you almost floating? Well that’s exactly what these babies from adidas made me feel like. Floating… clouds… heaven for my feet.

adidas have just launched their new line of trainers  – the Tubular X series – “a vision of the future created from abstractive, collective memories of adidas archives”.

Moulded soles, neutral colour-ways and a back to the future kinda feeling. A pair of trainers that can match pretty much anything in your wardrobe and let’s not forget that it comes in a knitted version too… I mean what’s not to love.


adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_807 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_826 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_758 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_952 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_770 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_829 copy adidas Tubular_adidas Tubular_905 copy copy

Trainers: adidas Tubular Runner W
Shirt: OAK
Shorts: H&M
Hat: adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey 

Friday Favs

August 28, 2015


This week’s instalment of Friday favs is dedicated to my new Superstar sneakers. I’ve been lusting over these bad boys for months now and last week I finally decided to buy myself a pair.

I’ve been dying to wear them but the streets of Berlin are so filthy so I am waiting till I’m back in South Africa before wearing them. Yes I am that obsessed with keeping my white sneakers as white as possible.

For some more sneaker inspo check out my top ten minimal sneaker list here.

Happy weekend everyone,

Top Ten: Minimal White Sneakers

August 27, 2015



It’s an undeniable fact that white sneakers are not only ruling street style at the moment but the runway too. They seem to be ruling my wardrobe as well, I own five pairs of plain white sneakers!

What better way to update your Spring wardrobe then with a new fresh pair of kicks to spice up your urban leisure outfits.

So without further ado, here are my top ten minimal white sneakers ranging from R300 to R7000, because a girl’s gotta dream right?


Top 10 white sneakers jpeg 02.001

1.) Stan Smiths, adidas Originals, R999.00
2.) Classic 2750, Superga, R599
3.) H&M, $24.99
4.) The Bart, Isabel Marant, £327.27
5.) 574 Leather, New Balance, €95.00
6.) Superstars, adidas Originals, R1499.00
7.) Play, Comme des Garçons, $125.00
8.) Roshe 1, Nike, $75.00
9.) Andy III, Senso, $249.00
10.) Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse, €75.90

Skate Park

April 15, 2015

Skate Park_Skate Park  _2297 copy

One of my comfiest outfits to date, no kidding, the sneaker and sweater dress make a mean winter combo and this crop top from adidas adds a cute playfulness to the outfit.

P.S if you looking for a pair of trainers that make you feel like you walking on sunshine these adidas ZX500’s are the perfect pair. Plus their grey leather overlay is kinda awesome. #JustSaying.


Skate Park_Skate Park  _2145 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2177 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2139 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2336 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2287 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2173 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2054 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2222 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2312 copy Skate Park_Skate Park  _2087 copy

Dress: Country Road
Crop Top: Adidas Originals
Jacket: Country Road
Sneakers: Adidas Originals

Photos by Justin Polkey


Designed by Touhidul Islam