White on White

October 29, 2015


An all white outfit can be intimidating. However you’ll be pretty surprised at how well an all white outfit holds up throughout the day.

With Summer right on our doorstep I’ve been wearing more and more white each day. There’s something so chic about an all white affair. “Yes, I’m a lady of luxury that catches Uber Black between my lunch meetings and shopping spree’s on Madison Avenue and no, I never mess red wine on my outfit.” 

This soft, feminine top is a perfect statement piece. Its cutaway detailing and soft drape pairs perfectly slim fit or waterfall trousers. A chic outfit that can take you from day to night with as little effort as simply applying a lip.


White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_684 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_474 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_576 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_714 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_630 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_478 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_530 White-Waterfall_White-Waterfall_596

Top: Country Road
Pants: Witchery First Edition
Shoes: Trenery
Bag: Witchery
Earrings: Witchery 

Photos by Justin Polkey


July 14, 2014

Pearls, this timeless jewellery classic makes a major fashion comeback thanks to the master, Karl Lagerfeld, during the Chanel Pre-Spring/Summer 2014 Cruise Collection. 

Not only are pearls timeless but they feminine and refined. They add charm to an outfit without even trying.

“Did you know that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love to Marc Antony and ever since, the precious gem has adorned famously chic women throughout time.”

Diamonds aint a girls best friend no more 😉

xxx EJ
Happy Monday

MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8298 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8085 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8560 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8459 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8058 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8507 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8161 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8448 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8520 copy MLIP_Shot 38 Pearls _IMG_8012 copy

Top: Woolworths
Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Trenery 
Handbag: Colette Hayman
Shoes: Aldo
Neckpiece: Topshop
Bracelet: Topshop
Earrings: Woolworths

Photos by Justin Polkey

Office Elegance

June 19, 2014

Dressing your way to success is no lie. `

I remember when I first started modelling I was told by one of my European agencies that I would have to go out and purchase myself a $2000 dollar handbag if I was to be taken seriously within the industry, clients would automatically sit up and take notice with a Prada or Louis Vuitton on my arm.

In a business world that is predominately male orientated dressing the part has never been more important. Not only does it A.) Make people take you more seriously but B.) It makes you take yourself more seriously.

Dressing the part is not about how you end up ‘looking” but how it makes you “feel”. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing, say a watch or a set of matching underwear that makes you feel fantastic and confident. If we dress confidently we automatically feel confident.

Here’s some tips for dressing for the office:

  • Mix expensive pieces with bargain pieces. Don’t stress about wearing a top to toe designer look.
  • When you try something on picture yourself wearing it at work. Does it make you feel confident?
  • If in doubt? Wear black! My fav colour. No matter how cheap the item is, it always looks expensive. It’s classic and elegant. Plus if you wear it three days a week no one would really notice.
  • Google or flip through magazines to find some inspo before heading to the shops. This way you have a strong, clear idea of what you want.
  • Update your wardrobe every season by buying two or three extra pieces. Then mix it up with your old pieces to save money.

Remember “fashion is what you buy… style is how you wear it”

xxx EJ

MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9830 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9903 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9960 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9734 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_0085 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9801 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9783 copy MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_9754_new MLIP_Shot 28 Portside     _IMG_0111 copy

Shirt: Woolworths
Skirt: Woolworths
Blazer: Trenery
Boots: Aldo
Clutch: Colette Hayman
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring: Gift

Photos by Justin Polkey

My Top 8 Knitwear Trends

May 21, 2014

Knitwear has made a move this season from “winter wardrobe essential” to one of the seasons hottest trends, a trend where comfort meets glam.

With so many new knitwear designs this season there’s a knit to suit your every occasion and mood.

When it comes to knitwear there’s no real rules or limits, as long as your feel creative and comfortable you in the right space.

Below I’ve put together a list of my top eight knitwear trends this season, from the funky fuzzy knit to the good old classic cable knit.

Sweaters.0011.) The Chunky Knit
Best worn with a pencil skirt, these knits are a huge statement piece this Winter.
Witchery  R849.00

2.) The Statement Knit:
Seen on most of the runways this season, the statement knit is definitely a way to grab attention. Think bold colours like Kenzo, cute cartoons like Givenchy and controversial phrases like Alexander Wang.
Kenzo from Polyvore R4265.00

3.) The Embellished Knit:
A look that will last you the Winter and right into Spring, add a little sparkle during the freezing cold Winter with a dazzling embellished knit.
Topshop R800.00

4.) The Fuzzy Knit:
One of my favourite knits this seasons, it’s ridiculously warm and comfortable. (I own four!) This knit teams up well with any item. I love a contrast in textures though, try leather or denim.
Mr Price R149.99

5.) The Masculine Knit:
Borrowing knits from your boyfriends wardrobe is one of the quickest ways to achieve the masculine look. Stella McCartney introduced a very back-to-school feel with her boyish looking knits on the runway this season.
Cotton On R499

6.) The Cropped Knit:
This cute knit looks perfect in pastel colours. Wear your crop knit with a skater skirts or high waisted jeans to accentuate your waistline.
Zara R180.00

7.) The Cable Knit:
From traditional fisherman-style jumpers in Aran knits, to oversized knitted dresses, the cable knit is a classic that has made it’s way back into our wardrobes and our hearts.
Trenery R999.00

8.) The Print Knit:
The printed knit looks great when wore with a well fitted pair of jeans or if you feeling bold try wearing a complete printed look.
Country Road R849.00

xxxx EJ this comfy trend 🙂


Designed by Touhidul Islam