The Best Cupcakes in New York City

November 6, 2014

On my three-month stay in New York City I made it a mission of mine to discover and try as many different cupcakes as possible. From Downtown to Uptown you name the bakery, I’ve tried it.

I judged the cupcakes on the following criteria:
– Texture: Was it moist or crumbly.
– Frosting: Was it smooth and fluffy.
– Flavour: Not too sweet.
– Appearance: Does the cupcake taste like it ‘reads’

These were my top picks 🙂

George Town Cupcakes:
If cupcakes were sex, these would be them! Georgetown Cupcakes hit a home run in all criteria’s: Fresh, firm and moist cake. Creamy, smooth, fluffy icing which wasn’t too sweet and a selection of classic and adventurous flavours. Not to mention every day they give away 100 free cupcakes, all you got to do is follow them on twitter and see which flavour they giving away and name it. Simple. Yes the queue is long and it’s kind of touristy but a definite must try never-the-less, cupcakes cost $3.00.
111 Mercer Street, New York NY


Little Cupcake Bake Shop:
The Little Cupcake Bake Shop was the first place I had cupcakes at in New York and I loved it. Though after trying a couple of other spots I’m not that impressed anymore. The cake was a little dry and crumbly though the frosting was something exceptional and so was the ambience. A cupcake will set you back $3.50.
30 Prince Street New York, NY


Molly’s Cupcakes:
I happened to stumble upon Molly’s at midnight with a couple of girlfriends one Friday night. Instead of trying the simple vanilla cupcake the staff recommended I try the creme brûlée cupcake. I wasn’t 100% convinced by this boring looking cupcake but I love creme brûlée so I went ahead and ordered myself one and was pleasantly surprised. The top layer of the cupcake was crispy and made a crunching sound when I bit into it and the centre was filled with a gooey vanilla bean flavour exactly like a creme brûlée dessert. I’m not sure about their other flavours but this one was pretty damn good. Prices range from $2.25 to $3.75 for a cupcake.
228 Bleeker Street, New York NY


Sugar Sweet Sunshine: 
A cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine tastes exactly like a homemade cupcake from your childhood, nothing fancy but pretty tasty. Some may say the frosting is a little too sweet. Though I will say their banana pudding is delicious! Also if you looking for a bargain cupcake look no further, $2.00 for a large, $1.00 for a small.
126 Rivington Street, New York NY


Buttercup Bake Shop:
A friend of mine and I cycled up to Buttercup after brunch one Sunday for a little treat. I was pleasantly surprised by this humble little bakery. It opened in 1999 and has been around way before the ‘cupcake craze’ started. Simple and delicious. Though $3.00 for a cupcake was a little too steep for my liking.
973 2nd Ave, New York NY


Tribeca Treats: 
Tribeca’s cupcakes were, mostly speaking, tasty but nothing to get excited about except for their red velvet. It had a proper cheesy cream cheese frosting which many red velvet’s seem to lack. A cupcake costs $2.00.
94 Reade Street, New York NY


Amy’s Bread: 
Another cupcake that reminded me of my childhood. Tasty with very unassuming flavours. For $2.95 I’d rather try somewhere else.
Multiple locations


One of my favourite dessert spots in New York City. Noting simple and unassuming about these cupcakes, even the simple vanilla cupcake has a twist. The taro and green tea flavour are definite winners. I do suggest skipping dinner and heading straight to this Japanese dessert bar and ordering a mix of cupcakes and a chocolate green tea lava cake. $2.75 is definitely worth it for one of Spot’s large cupcakes bursting with flavour. I was even caught chewing my cupcake wrapper I enjoyed the flavour so much.
13 St. Marks Place, New York NY


Magnolia Café:
What a let down. With everyone raving about Magnolia’s and declaring them the best cupcakes in New York City a visit to them was definitely on the list but boy was I disappointed. They are by far the worst cupcakes I had in New York. Not only were they the worst but they were also the most expensive cupcakes at $3.50! The cake was crumbly and could barely keep together and the icing tasted like pure margarine. I went back a second time hoping I’d just got a bad flavour the last time and was let down yet again. Sex in the City may of made this place famous back in 2000, but 14 years later it definitely ain’t the same.
401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street New York, NY


Butter Lane:
Butter Lane was the second place I tried and highly recommended by my boyfriend, Justin, from his previous visits to New York City. I enjoyed being allowed to choose my cake base and icing topping. The icing is smooth and fluffy and not too sweet. A cupcake costs $3.25.
123 East 7th Street, New York NY


Chikalicious Dessert Bar:
When I say best vanilla cupcake ever, I mean it! This cupcake was fluffy was a spongey texture to complement it… not to mention the perfect amount of sweetness. A cupcake her will set you back $2.50.
 203 E. 10th St., New York NY 10003


All in all I loved my cupcake adventure around New York but I’m really sad I never got to try Baked in Brooklyn. Apparently they take number one spot and the queen of all cupcakes… Guess I’m just gana have to plan another trip to New York and find out myself 🙂




  1. Lungile says:

    I’m inlove…I just saw your blog and now I can’t stop scrolling. Because I’m addicted to pink it makes even hard so I just want to subscribe now so that I don’t miss anything.

    And OMG,I wish I could taste those cupcakes. Hope you enjoyed New York!

  2. Natali says:

    Another favorite is Billy’s Bakery (they have a very tasty red velvet too).

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